Version 35289 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - March 20 2014

General GameplayEdit

  • You can now create a Party to join your friends in battle. More features are planned for this system. Edit: If you leave a party it might enter a bad state. We are tracking now. Temp fix is to restart client.
  • AFKers (and Leavers) now only receive Trash in their Quickplay loot drops. If they receive Trash, then every other player is guaranteed something better than Trash.
  • If there are no AFKers or Leavers then the maximum number of players who can receive Trash is one.
  • Pressing the Stop hotkey (default key is S) now disables autoattack until a new order is issued (in addition to stopping movement).
  • Added an option to disable autoattack (Options->Gameplay)
  • Fixed not being able to shop when you are standing right beside the shop.
  • Fix Resolute bundle from not appearing in Welcome Chests.


  • Fixed Ermuk being able to Kickbox Rachna out of Terror From Below after she had already burrowed.
  • Blood Hunter now only grants Skalla bonus Movement Speed when heroes within a range of 13 begin Bleeding rather than at any distance.
  • Improved Vexie's Energizing Prank tooltip description.
  • Fixed Slag's passive bug when dying to Xeros bug, the prematurely removed Quest Victory buff bug, and the Hungering Blade stacks bug.


Necromancer's Bargain:Edit

  • Now grants gold and experience for capturing nodes. Both to the node capturer and any nearby allies.

Raise Your Gryphon Quest:Edit

  • Hares and stags now have proper names.
  • Adjust wait and wander times for stags and hares to have longer waits and shorter wander times.
  • Hares are much easier to kill.
  • Hares move more slowly.


  • Fixed major slowdown bugs caused by integration with Steam's friend list especially when a player had a lot of friends.
  • Implemented a variety of other optimizations.

Hud and User InterfaceEdit

  • Fix Vandal Drengar not showing up in the Hero Skin selection options.
  • Switched the positions of the toggle glyph shop and toggle item shop buttons (toggle glyph shop button now closer to glyph buttons, and their layout order now matches their default hotkey order).
  • Earthshaker Maul's passive description is now up to date.
  • All references of Soldier replaced with Pet in Aura item descriptions.
  • Fix various currency symbols from not showing up correctly.
  • Renamed various Option menu titles.
  • Chat window is closed if mouse button is pressed to fix focus lost bugs.
  • Added a few new pieces of Hero Gear art.
  • Fixed bad formatting of Russian Ruble prices.


  • Fixed matchmaking bug where if a player declined quickly all other players in the assembly would be considered "failed" and not added back to the matchmaking queue.

Note 1: Surrender is very close. We hope to quick patch it in later today after more testing.

Note 2: We are also continuing to evolve our algorithm for who should only receive Trash.

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