Version 35448 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - March 24 2014


  • Added first phase of new servers including Europe and Eastern North America. New regions and more servers per region will be added as demand requires.
  • Added regional matchmaking and custom game selection. Players can now choose which regions they wish to play in. Further improvements are planned - feedback appreciated!
  • Added new Surrender option. The escape menu dialog has a new Surrender button or you can type /surrender in chat. Voting can be done via the new Surrender dialog over the minimap or via chat (/surrender to vote yes, /nosurrender to vote no). Further improvements are planned.
  • Added improved AFK logic including warnings, automatic kicking and more sophisticated detection. This will continue to evolve.
  • AFKers and Leavers no longer receive any rewards, not even Trash. Trash is intended to be a useful material in the future.
  • Added first phase of Behavior Report system. You can report bad behavior at the end of a match by right clicking a player's icon. We will be issuing warnings, temporary bans and permanent bans based on evaluations of chat and recording of games played by players who are reported as problematic. All consequences will be determined on a case by case basis.

General GameplayEdit

  • Fix problem where the camera would move really slow while you were edge scrolling and pushing shift to attack-move.
  • Pets now behave correctly if auto-attack is off.
  • Pets now stop attacking if the Stop command is issued.
  • When a Quick Play match is found, the game will be brought to the foreground and restored from a minimized state. It is now safe to alt-tab while waiting for a match to be found.
  • Expected wait time for matchmaking is now displayed.
  • Dorub Dung has been removed from the reward drop pool. Any one who has Dorub Dung gets to keep it but it will no longer drop as a Trash reward for the time being. It may or may not return in the future.



  • Updated Vexie's voice.


  • Added more sound effects for Lassidar.


The Big OneEdit

  • Cooldown increased to 120/105/90 from 100/90/80


  • Further changes are planned for Xeros but were not ready for the update. These are incomplete intermediate steps toward a planned goal.

Counter Spell ArmorEdit

  • Cooldown reduced to 23/19/15/11 from 25/22/19/16
  • Active duration on self reduced to 2.5 from 4
  • Silence duration reduced to 1.5 from 2.5
  • Now adds a stack to Detonate upon successfully blocking damage


  • No longer builds empowered stacks on basic attacks (but still adds stacks on spell cast).

Spell SenseEdit

  • Magic Damage upon proc reduced to 20/40/60/80/100 (+0.15 SP) from 30/60/90/120/150 (+0.2 SP)
  • Duration reduced to 4 from 8
  • Proccing damage now adds a stack to Detonate


  • Further changes are planned for critical chance items but were not ready for the update. These are incomplete intermediate steps toward a planned goal.

Adventurer's BowEdit

  • Recipe changed to Short Sword + Club + 540g from Short Sword + Dagger + 675g
  • Now grants 10% Critical Strike chance (+5% per completed quest to a max of +15%)
  • No longer grants Attack Speed

Blade of the MagiEdit

  • Recipe changed to Nimbus Sword + Mage Staff + 790g from Short Sword + Dagger + Mage Staff + 955g
  • Total cost increased to 3100 from 2840
  • Attack Power increased to 20 from 15
  • Now grants 6% Movement Speed

Hiro's WindbladeEdit

  • Total cost reduced to 4225 from 4400
  • Now grants 25 Attack Power
  • No longer grants Critical Strike Chance

Nimbus SwordEdit

  • Recipe changed to Short Sword + Dagger + 425g from Club + Dagger + 425g
  • Total cost reduced to 1385 from 1560
  • Now grants 16 Attack Power
  • No longer grants Critical Strike Chance

Rageborn ClawsEdit

  • Recipe cost increased to 985 from 945
  • Total cost reduced to 3700 from 3830
  • Attack Power increased to 45 from 30
  • Health increased to 275 from 250
  • No longer grants Critical Strike Chance
  • Passive Movement Speed bonus changed from an On Crit Effect to an On Hit Effect.

Warrior's BootsEdit

  • Recipe cost reduced to 650 from 740

Sunken Forest MapEdit

  • Improvements to North West jungle (aka Dragon area).
  • Improvements to South West jungle.


  • Many more optimizations, particularly during combat.
  • Improved memory allocation.

Hud and User InterfaceEdit

  • Added more new icons for Hero Gear and recipes.
  • Added a new icon for the "mute" button.
  • Borderless and Fullscreen windowed modes are now called "Virtual Fullscreen" and "Exclusive Fullscreen".
  • Virtual Fullscreen is now the default windowed mode. Virtual Fullscreen is highly recommended for the majority of users.
  • Added a few player information tooltip improvements.
  • Fix bad selection outlines on some items.
  • Keybinding labels for Left, Right are now Left Mouse and Right Mouse or Left Arrow and Right Arrow as appropriate.
  • Fix dragon symmetry in the chat channel title.
  • Abilities now display specific InputFeedback based on their AbilityContext for their "Already using this ability" message.
  • Changed the "Official Bug Report" button to "Open Wiki" button and linked it to
  • Improved rendering of loading bar to be more accurate.
  • Fixed a variety of grammatical errors.

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