Version 35558 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - March 27 2014


  • This update is primarily to improve the networking backend.
  • If game provisioning is disabled Start Match Search gets a proper error message.
  • Better error message for game version not matching.

General Gameplay

  • Capturing quest objectives now starts at a slow progress rate before transitioning to a fast one rather than from nothing during the capture charge time.
  • Only matched games have AFK detection on now.
  • Players who were not flagged as AFK but were accidently disconnected before rewards were given out still receive their reward.



  • Fixed bug that allowed Ermuk's tripwire to kill various creeps almost instantly.


  • Updated descriptions for SpellSense, Detonate and Counterspell Armor.


  • Added proper FireShroud art.

Sunken Forest

  • Some texture improvements to the south west area.


  • Renamed "VIP" buff from Path to Ascension (now "Ascension Candidate"), rewrote buff description, as well description for "Ascended Hero".
  • Edited "Adventurer's Bow" item description to reflect the latest design tweaks (it grants Critical Strike Chance rather than Attack Speed).
  • Renamed "VIP Chest" from Path to Ascencion (now "Divine Chalice"), rewrote unit description.

Hud and User Interface

  • Actually added the new icon for the "mute" button.
  • More Hero Gear art added.
  • New "owned" and "selected" overlays for the shop.
  • Fixed a bug where surrender button would show up at the wrong time.
  • New and On Sale tags properly setup in the store.
  • Open wiki" is now just "wiki".
  • Having no input mapping will no longer crash when attempting to render hotkey text.


  • Improved average wait time calculation.
  • Fixed art for Troll treasure effect.
  • Fix for some users being unable to start the game.

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