Version 35642 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - March 30 2014


All Heroes with SkillShotsEdit

  • Fix bug causing skillshots to apply their effect twice against colliding Heroes (e.g Serewyn and Ermuk doing double damage).


  • Added amplified attack sound for Xeros's Spellbane Dagger, added sound for new Slayer's Mark (Skillshot), updated Slayer's Mark teleport sound, and added off sound for Spellbane Dagger buff.
  • Removed a couple broken Xeros vocal lines.

Slayer's MarkEdit

  • Has been remade as a line skill shot that only collides with enemy units.
  • Mana cost reduced to 55 from 65
  • Range increased to 6.25 from 5.8
  • Teleport max range increased to 8.25 from 7.8
  • Targets moving beyond the teleport max range no longer shed the Slayer's Mark (i.e. returning within the range will still allow teleport).
  • Cooldown reduced to 12/11/10/9 from 15, but the cooldown no longer partially refreshes if the teleport is not used.

Khagas + DrengarEdit

  • Added sounds for amplified attacks for Khagas (Deft Hands), Drengar (Furious Attacks, Berserker's Rage)
  • Fix Khagas's Volley tooltip and infocard formatting errors.


  • Hungering Blade - added sound to active ability.

Hud and User InterfaceEdit

  • Increase ability level hotkey now correctly operates on the primary ability rather than the active one (which could potentially be the secondary ability).


  • Fix a sync error.
  • Fix one cause of white textures.
  • Fix estimated wait times sometimes not reporting correctly.
  • Added variety of missing sounds.
  • Fixed a bunch of sound errors.
  • Additional stability fixes.

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