Version 35876 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - April 4 2014

Of Vice and VirtueEdit

Given the feedback so far there is a clear need to improve player behavior sooner than later so we accelerated our implementation of the Vice and Virtue system. We'll continue to experiment with it throughout Early Access so don't consider the current version written in stone. Here is a quick summary of how it works:

At the end of each Quick Play match players can give Virtue points to players for being friendly, helpful or displaying other forms of positive behavior. Alternatively, they can report players to give them Vice points for being offensive, abusive, or displaying other forms of negative behavior.

As you earn Virtue points you will increase your Virtue level. At each Virtue level you will be given a Virtue Chest containing free loot. You do not need a key to open a Virtue Chest - your kindness has already unlocked it. We anticipate in the future that there will be special loot that can only be gained through Virtue. We will grant these rewards retroactively so there is an extra incentive to start earning Virtue points now!

However, if you earn enough Vice points you will be demoted to Vice Level 1 where you will no longer collect rewards or gain experience and your in-game chat will be restricted. Continue to earn Vice points and you will be further demoted to Vice Level 2 where the penalties are the same as Vice Level 1 but you can only play with players also at Vice Level 2. Welcome to prisoner's island. Positive behavior will allow you to recover from both states.

Any reward and punishment system can be subject to abuse so we've taken appropriate measures and will continue to refine them over the course of Early Access. There are three player facing measures that you should know about:

  • You can only give and receive Vice and Virtue after Quick Play matches.
  • You cannot give Virtue or Vice to members of your party.
  • The amount of Virtue or Vice you give will be discounted if you give it out indiscriminately. Use it wisely or your influence will decline - possibly to zero!

General GameplayEdit

  • Every time you level up your account you will now receive a Promotion Chest with free loot. You do not need a key to open a Promotion Chest. We will be having a community discussion later in Early Access to decide how best to factor in rewards to players who have already leveled up.


  • Added a variety of optimizations that should be very beneficial to most players.
  • Fixed another source of lag.
  • Fixed a variety of crashes.
  • Fix sync bug.
  • Possible fix for some clients not being able to login.



  • Fix Vallamere's Chivalrous Defense from not applying the shield to his allied target when new orders are issued mid-dash.
  • Fixed sound for skins where his mouth is not covered by a helmet.

Lord DekainEdit

  • Added some custom dialog for his Spectral skin.


  • Added armor noises to his Founder Skin.
  • Founder Skin Khagas now sounds like he is wearing a helmet.


  • Founder Skin Atasha now sounds like she is wearing a helmet.


  • Added sound effects for Samurai skin weapon hits.
  • Bataar's Charging Tackle now plays a different sound if target collides with a wall.


  • Quest Gryphon - Improved Ai. Retreats when towers target him and waits for a minion wave before moving back down the lane.
  • Added a variety of Quest icons and HUD art.
  • Slay the Dragon's reward buff has new effects for the damage over time debuff on your attack targets.


Crimson MaliceEdit

  • Added purchase sound effects.
  • Capitalized "Health" in description.

Charger's SabatonsEdit

  • Activation range increased to 4.5 from 4.25
  • Active effect now has a slightly larger tolerance range for the speed bonus than its activation range.

Frosty MaceEdit

  • Now Unique as originally intended.

Onslaught BladeEdit

  • Now discards half its current stacks instead of all of them upon attacking a different target.

Vampiric PlateEdit

  • Corrected noun/verb agreement in description.

Portal ScrollEdit

  • Improved description: Improved language and clarified that the item is meant to affect only pets (player-controlled rather than wave minions).

Seal of FortificationEdit

  • Improve description: Corrected noun/verb agreement. Rewrote the final line to better communicate the game mechanic (after a shield is applied to a structure, another shield cannot be applied for 6 minutes).

Blood AxeEdit

  • Capitalized "Health" in description.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Reports of kills you were involved in are now brighter and reports you weren't involved in are more transparent.
  • Fixed missing drop shadow on "Miss" floating text.
  • Added sound effects for Surrendering.
  • Devs now show up as red in general chat (unless they are your friend or in your party).
  • Added sounds to editing your hero.


  • Fix inventory not updating properly when new items are acquired (either through trades or loot drops).
  • Stats should now update properly after a game is finished.
  • Fix match queue screen stuck after failing to find a match.
  • Fixed bug where a player was in the score screen of their previous game when a party leader queues them for the next game.
  • Improved calculation of estimated wait time.
  • Various spelling and grammar fixes.

Hotfix 1Edit

  • Fixed crash bug.
  • Fixed trade bug.
  • Fixed Vice bug.

Hotfix 2Edit

  • Fixed several crash bugs.
  • Fixed being able to stop during abilities where you shouldn't have been able to stop.

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