Version 35927 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - April 8 2014



  • Fixed Landslide.


  • Crushing Tackle: Bataar should no longer stay stuck to his tackle target if they gain new event physics (e.g. Knockback) after he first collides with them.
  • Crushing Tackle: Bataar's tackle target will no longer continue to be pushed if Bataar dies or gains new event physics after he first collides with them.
  • Crushing Tackle: Bataar will now only set his tackle target to be his priority attack target if the tackle completed normally (i.e. the target reached the tackle's end position or the nearest terrain via the tackle).


  • Added a variety of Chronicler dialog lines.


  • Gryphon now lands at the Keep and attacks along the bottom lane instead of landing at the furthest pushed minion wave. He will not begin his first lane push until he has minions to support him.

General GameplayEdit

  • Gear with unconditional bonuses (i.e. those not dependent on an action or state in the game) are now correctly applied. This fixes problems with Bullrusher Boots, Heartsap Amulet, Honor Crown, Seraph's Wings, Spellsiege Staff, Traveling Chest, and Wind Sash.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Fixed Asset Summary Window from simply rounding your gold amount when rendering. Now uses Floor to ensure the displayed gold will be sufficient to make item purchases.
  • Fixed bug where someone with less than 1.0 health but more than 0.0 health had a bar that was rendering 0 HP erroneously.
  • Improved Player Level Up and Virtue Level Up dialogs.
  • Improved Report dialog.
  • ChestGoods now visually handle not needing a key to be opened (Dialog, infoCards and GridBox rendering takes it into account)
  • Added Quick Play and Pick Region buttons to the home screen in place of the statistics panel.
  • Added new Glyph owned overlay.


  • Improved match making algorithm to remove problems with requeuing and failing to find a match when potential matches exist.
  • Improved Vice and Virtue algorithms.
  • Fixed more crashes.
  • Revised some item descriptions for clarity, consistency, and typo corrections.

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