Version 36403 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - April 23 2014



Spell SenseEdit

  • Duration increased to 5 from 4

Slayer's MarkEdit

  • Skillshot range increased to 7 from 6.25
  • Teleport tolerance range increased to 9 from 8.25


  • Mana cost reduced to 80/90/100/110 from 90/100/110/120
  • Now has an sound effect cue when gaining max stacks.
  • Stacks are now only spent when they reach max stacks, and using Detonate prior to max stacks will now grant a stack.
  • Detonate now only appears in the active buff window if you have at least one stack.
  • Added buff sound for Xeros Detonate max stacks.

Counterspell ArmorEdit

  • Mana cost reduced to 40 from 45
  • Cooldown reduced to 20/17/14/11 from 23/19/15/11
  • Magic Damage changed to 80/115/150/185 from 70/110/150/190


  • Fixed Luna Moth Vexie skin from not matching her figurine.


  • Improved default skin.
  • Reduced volume on Ermuk's Helping Hand spawn sound in order to prioritize the execute sound.


  • Fixed the tail tip and fangs on this Bloodborn skin.


  • Reverted Rachna's nickname from "The Midwife of Suffering" back to "The Cavern Queen.
  • Added Scuttling Nightmare start sound to Rachna.


  • Fixed a seam in her Tribal skin.


  • Revised Drengar's Intimidating Leap description. Though it scales with Attack Power, it deals Magic Damage.


  • Revised Torrace's Rocket Bolt description. It deals Physical Damage.


  • Updated Beroth's default skin.


  • Updated Lassidar's default skin.


  • Updated Atasha's default skin.

Lord DekainEdit

  • New Toxic Bile effect (more optimized, easier to see).
  • Updated Lord Dekain's DeathBane skin.


  • Updated Slag's Bombardier skin.


  • Further revisions to the HeroDesc strings for Torrace, Slivus, Xeros, and Drengar,
  • Revised all medium length hero profiles/HeroDesc strings to introduce more polished lore.



  • Shield amount reduced to 110 (+30 per level) from 125 (+35 per level)

Bulwark: Increased StrengthEdit

  • Shield amount reduced to 130 (+35 per level) from 155 (+41 per level)

Bulwark: Team ShieldEdit

  • Shield amount on allies reduced to 40 (+10.5 per level) from 50 (+14 per level)
  • Shield amount on allies with Increased Strength upgrade reduced to 50 (+12.25 per level) from 60 (+16.5 per level)


  • Ability damage reduction increased to 35% from 25%

Cripple: Strong Damage ReductionEdit

  • Ability damage reduction increased to 50% from 35%

Cripple: Friendly SpeedEdit

  • Speed bonus radius increased to 3.75 from 2.25

Portal: Minion StrengthEdit

  • Post teleport aura duration increased to 25 from 15


  • Glyphs can no longer be upgraded while they are being used.


Hoarfrost PendantEdit

  • Now renders its passive cooldown in the item bar.
  • Passive cooldown now resets when the attack proc is consumed rather than when the triggering ability is cast.

Crimson MaliceEdit

  • Added art for Crimson Malice.


  • Added sounds for items with actives (Rageborn Claws, Resurger, Runic Sword).
  • Added art for a variety of loot goods and Hero Gear.


  • Changed Chronicler's Quest Start dialog.
  • Turned down volume on major alert sound effects to allow chronicler voice to be clearer.


  • Added sound for Troll's treasure chest dropped
  • Added sound for Advanced Siege catapults (falldown, getup, death), & Advanced Siege Kit (active)


  • Added creep camp decal to south troll area.
  • Fixed creep camp decal.
  • Placed various specific backgrounds at various areas of the map.
  • Added ambient sounds for the buildings near each base.
  • Updated Creep Troll texture.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Removed Consumable items from the post game stat screen chart.
  • After voting for surrender, a new mini-surrender window is used.
  • Added a selected Overlay to the Item List Box in the Shop Window.
  • Numerous improvements to the party system.
  • Parties are temporarily restricted to a size of 3.
  • Improved report dialog.
  • Fixed missing strings on Promotion and Virtue Chests.
  • Centered death timer.
  • Game version (bottom left) now only shows up for loading screen, login screen and when escape menu is open.
  • Attempting to Recall when you are already recalling now has proper input feedback.
  • Added a "is taking part in quest" overlay to the player portraits in the top bar.
  • Wiki button has been temporarily renamed to "Tutorial" and directs the user to the wiki tutorial.


  • Fixed multiple sync bugs.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Added more optimizations.
  • More matchmaking fixes.
  • Fixed various chat and party bugs.
  • Improved loading. Should remove "program not responding" warning for most users who had this problem.
  • Accounts with warning level greater than 0 are now banned from sending general chat (in addition to in-game restrictions).
  • Various text improvements (grammar, spelling, etc).

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