Version 36845 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - May 9 2014


Necromancer's BargainEdit

  • New reward item: Necromancer's Urn - Passive: Enemy minions slain in your vicinity may rise from the grave to serve as undead allies.
  • Reward skeletons no longer expire after a duration, but now correctly expire when the quest's reward buff ends.
  • Skeletons now have a 50% chance to spawn when you kill a wave minion instead of a 40% chance to spawn when a nearby enemy one dies.
  • Skeletons now have 45% resistance to Area of Effect damage.
  • Necromancer reward skeletons are now tougher and deal more damage generally, but are killed by towers in one hit and deal less damage vs towers.
  • Skeletons should follow their parent hero more closely when moving.
  • Necromancer quest now plays a major alert when the enemy team captures one of your points.

Path to AscensionEdit

  • New reward item (for the Ascendant): Ascendant's Chalice - Passive: You have additional Attack Power and Special Power. Unique Aura: Friendly heroes who fight beside you benefit from your divine radiance, gaining additional Attack Power and Special Power.
  • New reward item (for the non-Ascendants): Amulet of Ascension - Passive: You gain Attack Power and Special Power when you are near your team's Ascendant.
  • Ascedant now has a new shader and is increased in size.
  • Ascendant's buff now grants the Ascendant 15/22.5/30/37.5/45 AP from 8 (+ 0.67/level) and 30/45/60/75/90 SP from 16 (+1.33/level)
  • Ascendant's aura now grants allied heroes 10/15/20/25/30 AP from 4 (+0.33/level) and 20/30/40/50/60 SP from 8 (+0.67/level)
  • Ascendant Candidate now has proper overhead effects.

Tower SiegeEdit

  • New reward item: Siegemaster's Scroll - Active: The targeted enemy tower becomes disabled and cannot attack for a short duration. If a friendly tower is targeted instead it gains Attack Speed, Armor, and Magic Resistance, and any gold and experience points it earns will be awarded to you. Upon expiration towers become immune to this effect and it cannot be applied again for a moderate duration.
  • Wood Imp secondary objectives now render minimap overlays.
  • Advanced Siege Catapult now plays an effect when it spawns.
  • Advanced Siege Kit can now only be used on a friendly wave minion (to prevent players from deploying it from outside the lanes).

Slay the DragonEdit

  • New reward item: Dragonheart Gauntlet - Passive: Every few seconds your next basic attack will create a burst of flame centered on your target, dealing Magic Damage over time to all enemies in range.
  • The Dragon Slayer archers have now been replaced by Dragon Slayer melee units so they draw much more of the Dragon's aggro. They are balanced to take on this role very well.
  • Quest can now occur as early as the 3rd quest, reduced from 4th
  • Dragon's health reduced to 18500/26500/34500/42500/50500 from 28000/35000/42000/49000/56000
  • Dragon's attack damage reduced to 340/430/520/610/700 from 410/490/570/650/730
  • Dragon's splash damage on attack reduced to 60% from 100%
  • Quest time limit increased to 10 minutes from 8.

Divine Lost ArmyEdit

  • Healers have now been added to the reward waves.
  • Escort units are now faster to keep up better with fast moving Heroes (who are likely wearing boots).
  • Removed shields from the escort units to make them more distinct from the reward units.
  • Dealing enough damage to a Divine Commander to disable them now awards gold and experience.
  • Divine Commanders who are channeling at a portal will now cease channeling if the escorting hero moves too far away from the portal.

The Veric PlagueEdit

  • New reward item: Plague Blade - Passive: Your attacks apply the Veric Plague to enemy heroes, dealing Magic Damage over time, Wounding them, and reducing the damage of their abilities and basic attacks. This effect can stack up to three times and does magic damage over time for 5 seconds.
  • Reward item now affects minions in addition to heroes.
  • Improved effects that appear on the Hero when carrying a Plague Blade.
  • Adjust Plague Veric DPS to be lower at early quest levels and higher at later ones.
  • The larger Plague Verics can now be pushed out of the way by Heroes to prevent being trapped in narrow corridors by large swarms of Verics.
  • Improve pelt mesh.

Troll's TreasureEdit

  • Killing troll now gives 150g per player, up from 100g
  • Returning treasure now gives 600g per player, up from 200g.
  • New reward for killing the Troll: Area of effect Heal over time that heals 20% of your missing health over 20 seconds.
  • Chest in Troll's Treasure is no longer Always Detected, instead now gains a buff that makes it Always Detected once it has been sitting for a long enough time.
  • Fixes issues with slows not applying enough of a movement penalty (e.g when a Hero is carrying the Troll's treasure).
  • Fixed bug where you could teleport with the Treasure.

Valkryn's WatchEdit

  • New reward item: Valkryn Caller - Active: Summon a Valkryn to scout in the targeted direction, revealing all units hidden by Brush or fog of war. It will linger at the end of its path for a short duration.
  • Base capture rate increased, but no longer scales with # of players in the area.
  • Vision of the dragon's den has been removed.

Raise Your GryphonEdit

  • Gryphon now retreats if he doesn't have sufficient minion support.
  • Gryphon now attempts to position himself in the middle of the pack unless in combat so as to not constantly draw the initial bulk of damage from minions and towers.
  • New Gryphon mini-map icon.
  • Changed Gryphon Food to use proper icon.


  • Match quest rewards have been removed.
  • Quest indicators in the minimap have been completely revised to improve clarity and focus.
  • The Quest HUD bar shown when no quests are active has been revised.
  • The Quest HUD Bar shown when a quest is active has been revised for every Quest.
  • The active Quest bar now has a Quest reward section to the right of the state information.
  • When a Quest is active, the Quest HUD bar now has three tool tip sections accessed from left to right by hovering the cursor over the appropriate section. Instructions->Detailed State Information->Reward description.
  • Added some Chronicler Quest vocal lines. Many more to come.
  • Increased size, art and position of both Quest Item and Quest Item drop button.
  • Z is now default for using the active of a Quest Item.
  • QuestItemButton no longer renders that item's hotkey if it doesn't have an active action.
  • QuestItems now properly use ExternalLevel as their level source so they properly adopt their quest's level.
  • Added a "quest start glow" overlay BrushAnimation to the quest window that will render every time a new quest starts.
  • Heroes taking part in a quest now have a glow around their mini-map icon and their team window icon.
  • Fix quest items with no pickup limit showing 'limit: -1' in their tooltip.
  • In the top bar's TeamStatusWindow, Quests that track PerPlayerValues now show a small panel below each player (who has a > 0 value)'s portrait showing their value.

General GameplayEdit

  • Fix being able to cheese kill creeps like the Hydra by hitting them from out of range (e.g Torrace's bombard).
  • Creeps are now detected if they attack from brush.
  • Creeps will now aggro when attacked by skillshots from units hidden in grass.
  • Fix UseAbilityQuery not checking consumable item stacks (fixes exploit of using the same final health/mana potion multiple times by binding normal/quick/smartcast to the same hotkey.
  • Fixes issues with slows not applying enough of a movement penalty (e.g when a Hero is carrying the Troll's treasure).
  • Improved pathfinding and collision avoidance.
  • Reduced ranged wave minion projectile speed by 9% to open the last hit window for Heroes a bit more.
  • Stealth outline is always up when a friendly unit is in brush regardless of whether you are revealed or not. This means that Wards are useful as their presence won't deactivate the Stealth outline.
  • Implemented a new damage type "SelfInflicted" for use by abilities that use Health as a Resource cost (e.g Demonic Pact). This damage type does not trigger buff, order and ai "OnDamaged" events, neither does it trigger "OnTargetDamaged" events, doesn't get propagated into the floating text system. This damage type can not be modified at all it will always be the flat "baseDamageDealt" (so can't be boosted or reduced by buffs/debuffs and isn't affected by any shields or armor)


Lord DekainEdit

  • New effect for his base attack.
  • New effect for Choking Breath.
  • New effect for Contagion.
  • New effect for Swarm (incomplete).


  • Fixed an incorrect value in TripleShot.


  • Added painting for Twilight Vexie.


  • Added painting for Dragon Scale Vallamere.


  • Improved Slag's original skin art.
  • Improved art for Slag's Fire Grenade and Big One.
  • Improved Slag's Bombing run effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the mesh did not disappear after exploding during the Big One Effect.


  • Improved Xero's Counterspell art.


  • Fix final upgrades for Portal Glyph not rendering their buff effects on the glyph user.
  • Ability Bar now has "UpgradeGlyphButtons" that temporarily opens the glyph shop, but in the future will open the "quick glyphs" panel. Its a known issue that the first selected glyph will enter the left slot regardless of whether it was picked from the left or right. This will be fixed with the new "quick glyphs" panel. If you prefer the glyph to be in the opposite position you can drag it into the other slot as a workaround.

Hero GearEdit

Corrected mismatched Hero Gear and Hero Gear Recipe icons

  • Ascetic Tunic
  • Honor Crown
  • Seraph's Wings
  • SoulPhage Amulet


Frostbite WandEdit

  • Fix incorrect buff level count in FrostbiteWand.

Wraithfire LanternEdit

  • Now prevents vision range reduction at Night as originally intended.
  • Revised tooltip to include the magic damage proc amount at Night.
  • Now shows up as a separate value in the Death Summary window.

Health and Mana PotionsEdit

  • Added a brief cooldown to help prevent unintended consecutive use of a given type.


  • South Troll now has a unique weapon (bone club) as compared to the North Troll who is carrying a catapult arm.
  • Hydra art upgrades.
  • Further improvements to Troll art.


  • Fixed areas around the base and center bridge chasm where line of sight was being blocked incorrectly.
  • Improved fog of war appearance.
  • Fix self illumination on the healing well Altar.
  • Fixed various mismatches between navigation mesh and the art (i.e fixed areas that looked walkable but weren't).
  • Fixed various mismatches between where the map showed brush and the line of sight blocking data.


  • Added some Chronicler Quest vocal lines. Many more to come.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Improved various text colors.
  • Removed redundant [Team] from team chat messages.
  • Improved hero comparison dialogue tool.
  • Ability Bar now has "UpgradeGlyphButtons" that temporarily opens the glyph shop, but in the future will open the "quick glyphs" panel. Its a known issue that the first selected glyph will enter the left slot regardless of whether it was picked from the left or right. This will be fixed with the new "quick glyphs" panel. If you prefer the glyph to be in the opposite position you can drag it into the other slot as a workaround.
  • Fixed the bug where the day night rotating indicator was not being scaled properly.
  • Moved the Passive and Recall buttons to their new homes.
  • Moved the KDA panel over to the HeroStatusWindow, and added Minion Kills to the stats it displays.
  • Increased size, art and position of both Quest Item and Quest Item drop button.
  • Better error message when buffs don't have a valid level count.
  • Portrait experience bar temporarily disabled.


  • Improved match making algorithm to create more fair teams.
  • Added a join channel throttle. Prevents spamming join/leave channels.
  • Added a chat throttler to prevent spamming.
  • Queue and lobby dodging logic added. Players are now banned from matchmaking for increasing amounts of time proportional to how many times they dodge.
  • Improved vice and virtue algorithms.


  • Improved friend online and activity status information displayed.
  • Unread messages blinking button now works again.
  • No more auto scrolling the list for new messages when dragging the thumb of the scrollbar.
  • Fix pick region button not being disabled while searching for match.
  • Fix chat scrollbar cutting into end game stats.
  • Added "Play again" button to the post game lobby.
  • Reduce chances of getting an "Unknown" name showing up when Steam doesn't respond quickly enough.
  • Fixed member joined and member left strings.
  • Custom game lobbies now show player events for player joined and player left.
  • Removed some obsolete "feature disabled" tooltips in the player profile panel.
  • Properly aligned Player Name to text box in Player Feedback window,
  • All heroes now locked when going to the second countdown.
  • Player Assembly countdown time reduced from 30s to 20s.
  • Added a "DEVELOPER" tag to the PlayerInfo tooltip as well as wired up the ChatChannelMemberListBox to display an tooltip.
  • AvatarLobbyTeamPanel now shows playerInfo tooltips.
  • Banned error dialog shows minutes:seconds instead of just minutes (for <1 minute showing 0)
  • Banned activitybox for matchsearch now shows how long you are banned for as a countdown.
  • Quick play button disabled while ban countdown is running.
  • The "respawn timer overlay" (blood) now renders overtop of the experience bar in the HeroStatusWindow in the bottom left of the HUD.


  • Party chat layout updates.
  • Added custom error message "Failed to join party. Party is already in match making queue."
  • Channel and party member joining / leaving shared and colored properly.
  • Can no longer send party invites while in matchmaking queue.
  • Flipped flag angle on party invitation.
  • The party leader now gets a message if a player declines their party invite.
  • Joining or leaving a party will stop match searches on both joiner/leaver and party.


  • Steam Cloud enabled. Your preferred skin and Hero Gear per Hero are now in the cloud. These are retrieved and set automatically when you pick a hero in the pre-game avatar lobby. Your ignore list is also stored here.
  • Numerous performance optimizations.
  • Numerous memory optimizations.
  • Fixed a couple crashes.
  • Improved network performance.
  • New loading tips added.
  • Grammar, spelling, clarifications.
  • Added new debug option to write out profiling data on player's machines. This can then be sent to us for analysis and to make future optimizations targeted as specific player problems.

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