Version 36872 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - May 10 2014

Release NotesEdit

  • Fixed issue with match making wait times making wait times unnecessarily long.
  • Revised Gryphon Food small icon with stronger drop shadow and repaint to match new large item version.
  • Add QuickCast and SmartCast hotkeys for Quest Items.
  • Toggle Cinematic Mode default hotkey changed to Alt-C so it no longer conflicts with SmartCast Quest Item.
  • Fixed experience bar on the bottom left portrait.
  • Variety of visual improvements to the bottom left portrait area.
  • Fixed a Bug where the Veric Plague player value main view overlay was rendering even when a hero had a playerValue of 0.
  • Moved Damage Received blood splats to fit corners properly.
  • Fixed bug where you could teleport with the Treasure.
  • Ascendant Candidate now has proper overhead effects.
  • Improved frontend chat formatting.

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