Version 37458 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - June 5 2014

General GameplayEdit

  • Fix bug where arc abilities wouldn't hit targets that look like they should be hit.
  • Multiple sources of Slow are now subject to 66% diminishing returns on all but the strongest source.
  • Multiple sources of Slow now stack multiplicatively rather than additively.
  • Fixed being able to hear numerous sounds from things you couldn't detect.
  • Fix bug where attacking creeps would allow you to detect areas you shouldn't be able to detect.
  • When Heroes die or use certain abilities, their vocal response can now be heard by other players.
  • Added Wood pickup for tower kit when you kill the Wood Imps during the Tower Assault Quest.
  • Improved blood sound effects.


  • Fixed missing effect textures.


  • Added new attack sounds for Bombardier Slag.


  • Improved visual effect for Slayer's Mark.
  • Fixed a bug with Counterspell Armor that was causing Xeros to block more spell effects than was intended.


  • Slightly reduced volume of Twilight Vexie's wings.


  • Player count will now refresh every 60 seconds.
  • Increased the time penalties for queue dodging.
  • Fixed bug where matchmaking would lose/discard legitimate requests to join a game.
  • Fixed rejoin issue.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Improved scroll bar behavior.
  • Fixed QuickCast Item 6 and 7 mapped to the same key combo by default.
  • Fixed tooltip placement of shop window sell button.
  • Temp clean up of the death window.


  • Loot rewards now open much faster at the end of a match.
  • Increased Chronicler's vocal when announcing the rarity of your reward.


  • Various friend list improvements.
  • Various Item Guide shop improvements.
  • Fixed Party empty space bug.
  • Fixed bug where Edit Hero Stats was missing under certain conditions.
  • Added new level bar art and layout for summary page.
  • Added hover states for right click menus.


  • Fixed bug where you could still hear some vocals or effects after disabling vocals or effects.
  • As entertaining as it was, units no longer move and spin uncontrollably when a game is over.
  • Fixed crash bug.

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