Version 37690 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - June 16 2014

General GameplayEdit

  • Changed surrender time to 20 minutes (down from 25).
  • Adjusted camera pitch angle to 55 degrees (up from 45) and adjusted field of view to help with various issues including target picking, skillshot targeting and skillshot dodging. This will be an ongoing experiment.
  • Fixed various ability targeting bugs but most notably skillshot targeting should be much improved (even independent of the camera pitch angle change).
  • Improved target picking for all Heroes (even independent of the camera pitch angle change).
  • Fixed bug where Hero sometimes flip flops when trying to move straight across a large obstacle.
  • Fixed bug where Hero doesn't always take the shortest path to a destination.
  • Heroes who are dead are no longer able to pick up quest objectives via killing units with delayed damage or damage over time effects.
  • Jungle Creeps will now only attack player owned units (e.g Heroes and their pets) and will not be attacked by non-player owned units (such as Wave Minions and Towers).
  • Fix 'permanent' movement speed bonuses (e.g. from items) erroneously causing haste effects to be rendered on your hero.
  • Added new visual effect for the target of a tower.


Divine Lost ArmyEdit

  • Commander Health increased to 330/460/590/720/850 from 300/400/500/600/700
  • Commanders will move to begin channeling at a portal at a range of 3.25, up from 3.0
  • Commanders who are channeling at a portal will now re-follow their escort hero at a range of 6.5, up from 6.0

Raise Your GryphonEdit

  • Sylvanhoof Stag food value increased to 8 from 6
  • Max Sylvanhoof Stag count reduced to 4 from 5
  • Hoarfrost Hare respawn rate reduced to 3.5 seconds from 5 seconds.
  • Max Hoarfrost Hare count increased to 18 from 15

Troll's TreasureEdit

  • Chest drop off reward reduced to 500 from 600

Valkryn's WatchEdit

  • Valkryn Caller's vision duration increased to 25 seconds from 15
  • Valkryn Caller's cooldown reduced to 50 seconds from 60



  • More visual effect updates.


  • Added a sound effect to Atasha's Immolation that plays when a unit is ignited by using another ability.
  • Moved the Immolation On Fire Loop so that it only plays when the unit is on fire.


  • Added armor sounds to Vandal Drengar.


  • New Tundral skin Spear and Mesh.


  • Slag can no longer pick up quest objectives (e.g. Plague Veric Pelts on the ground) once his passive's damage countdown has started.


  • Fix Xeros' Spell Sense from triggering on enemies while he is dead.


  • Improved Luna Moth Vexie skin.


  • Updated Bataar's ability buff icons.


  • Fixed Beroth's Power Crush not executing consistently.
  • Fixed Beroth not pulling his targets as close as they should have been pulled.


  • BattleStandard's visual effect is temporarily bugged.


Added Hero Paintings and 2d art for:

  • Bloodborn Slivus
  • Bloodborn Xeros
  • Swashbuckler Torrace
  • Bruiser Grugg
  • GyroStave Lassidar
  • Marrowhaunt Rachna

Hero GearEdit

  • Added new Apprentice hero gear including Apprentice Spear, Apprentice Buckler and Apprentice Hat. You can acquire them by opening the Starter Bundle in your inventory. These Common rarity gear are immediately available and usable by all accounts. They are Nontradeable and Nonmarketable.
  • Executioner's Hood: Attack Power conversion to Pure Damage increased to 25% from 10%
  • Gilded Lantern: Gear Point cost reduced to 1 from 2 and now gives a passive income bonus of 0.2 Gold/second.
  • Traveling Chest: Gear Point cost increased to 2 from 1 and Passive income bonus reduced to 0.3 Gold/second from 0.5.


  • Items that had ratios in one of their abilities will now show the correct final amount in tooltips for the selected unit window (e.g Soul Ripper)
  • Wraithfire Lantern now has a passive cooldown of 5 seconds. Magic Damage dealt to targets while the passive cooldown is in effect will cause the proc to deal partial damage proportional to the fraction of cooldown elapsed.
  • Changed the "ratio format" for the Revenguard's damage stat.


  • Removed the Domination and Revenge system.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Added HUD scaling option. This is temporarily located in the Options->Gameplay section. (Note: a clean up of the options screen will come in the near future).
  • Added new score screen.
  • Added placeholder art for Advanced Siege Kit portrait icon.
  • Fix item infocards not showing per level modifier values correctly.
  • Fixed hyperactive ping animations.
  • Fixed colors for Alert and Retreat pings.
  • Opening the in-game chat window now selects all the previous text.
  • Added GameId and Time displays to the PlayerGameSummaryPanel.
  • Temporarily disabled the input for toggling and using the ShoutOutWindow. A revamped version will be returning soon.


  • Improved matching the visual representation of brush with the map areas that give brush stealth.
  • Improved various areas that look walkable but aren't and vice-versa.
  • Continued to upgrade textures in the South West portion of the jungle.


  • Added new Game History system.
  • Changes to a Hero Kit are now saved automatically (including Hero Gear, Attributes and Item Guides).
  • Fixed bug in item builder under profile->heroes->edit hero where it factored in the inventory listed in your post game screen victory screen (thus distorting the item cost of the upgrade.)
  • Fixed bug where Right Click View Game Profile Edit Hero was missing.
  • Hero picker grid now has heroes disabled if they are the one picked in player profile / player dialog.
  • Both friend menu and all chat windows minimize when game is started.
  • Fixed bug where friends list wouldn't show under cursor states.
  • Fixed various buttons not playing their sound effect.
  • Fixed bug where joining/leaving channels quickly resulted in every chat message returning "not in channel".


  • Fixed various shadow rendering bugs especially at large resolutions.
  • Fixed various Rejoin game issues.
  • Fixed slowdown caused by bug in decal rendering.
  • Fixed various stutters caused by large Steam Friends lists.
  • Numerous layout fixes.
  • Numerous memory and cpu optimizations.
  • Further fixes to font clipping.
  • Added more clipping to various locations (especially where player names are shown).
  • Fixed crash bug.
  • Various grammar, spelling and text improvements.
  • Added server side logic to guarantee that MaxHeroKitSlotCount (10) is never exceeded per account.

Amendments (37726)Edit

  • Fixed bug where Quest Creeps (e.g Plague Verics) would constantly heal themselves.
  • Fixed various HUD elements not scaling properly.
  • Move HUD scale into Options->HUD.
  • Fixed the name of the Apprentice Gear Bundle.
  • Fixed Executioner Hood tooltip.
  • Fixed various misspelled words.
  • Can now double click to open game summary dialogs.
  • Fixed numerous issues with game summary reports.
  • Fixed bug where tooltip was being rendered for "reward player" / "report player" buttons on the post game screen and game history screen even though the buttons were not visible.
  • Moved the player dialog to render overtop the game report dialog because it is common to right click players and view their history.
  • Fixed hud scaling not actually working with restore defaults button.
  • Added cross team chat disabling support. Disabled by default.
  • Added muffled helmet voice effect for Vandal Drengar.


  • Fixed sync bug.

For further amendments, see 37761.

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