Released June 19th 2014

Further Amendments to 37690/37726/37739

  • Adjust spacing of ability stat block sections in tooltips.
  • Tooltips no longer render a gap for ability descriptions if one isn't defined in the ability.
  • Fix haste effect erroneously rendering when it shouldn't have been.
  • Added muffled helmet voice effect for Hero-Brute-Shackle (Abomination Grugg).
  • Fix item descriptions from occasionally being rendered multiple times.
  • Fix missing descriptions for Resurger and Runic Sword.
  • New functionality for closed chat windows, only Chat Messages, System Notifications and System Warnings trigger the "new message" flashing icon.
  • Changed loot reward opening to every .5 seconds.
  • Added much better behavior when whispers are received. The spawned chat windows now start minimized and flashing instead of focused so if you are currently typing something your focus won't be lost.
  • Renenabled camera zoom.
  • Updated the rendering mainViewOverlays (e.g unit health bars) to better indicate the unit's position and remain stable at all positions on the screen (instead of just near the center).

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