Version 37862 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - June 21 2014


  • Fix Rachna's Unwilling Host occasionally failing to properly apply its effect to the target.
  • Updated default Torrace and Swashbuckler Torrace voices.

Hero GearEdit

  • Fixed Revenging Blade from potentially not stacking its effect as many times as it should have.

Hud and User InterfaceEdit

  • Your HeroBottomBar's resource bars (Health/Mana/Energy/Rage.. etc) will now show you how much of that resource will be consumed by the ability you currently have loaded or are hovering over. This can be turned off in the options.
  • Added an extra mini-map scale value to the option settings (so that you can shrink the hud elements but keep the mini-map at a readable size).
  • Added a Team Statistics View to the end of game statistics and game history reports.
  • New day/night indicator.
  • Fixed the bug where the IsDoingQuest overlay on a hero won't clear even after a quest has finished but the active player has not seen that hero since before the quest finished.
  • Fixed a bug where the just purchased glow of the ownedItemsPanels in the in-game shop window were not rendering overtop of some of the adjacent ownedItemPanels.
  • New tooltip layouts for tons of items, abilities and more. Not all have been converted yet.
  • Improved various tooltip descriptions.
  • Post Game Lobby and Game Details dialog now shows tooltips for player accounts (level, any special tags, etc).
  • Updated Camera. Slightly lower pitch, wider FOV.
  • Implemented the positive and negative buff underlays for active buff windows.
  • Moved the activeBuffsWindow and glyph selection panel underneath bottom bar.


  • The HomePanel's Blog Header panel and the StorePanel's Features panel now automatically rotates through it's pages on a delayed timer.
  • Added an offline icon overlay for in-game team status windows.


  • Various memory and performance optimizations.

Vice and VirtueEdit

  • Temporarily disabled. Will be back shortly.

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