Version 37918 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - June 24 2014


  • Fix bug with Bataar's Crushing Tackle that caused it not to deal any damage to targets it couldn't displace rather than just prevent their displacement.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Crowd Control removal abilities, items, and Glyphs to be unusable while under the effect of Vexie's Faerie Ring.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Fixed bug causing health cost highlighting in bottom bar health bar to be rendered in the ability resource bar by mistake.
  • Added new minimap ping artwork.


  • You can hover over a Friend and see their in-game state Hero selection, game time and KDA.
  • Re-proportioned large wide hero icon in game history list.
  • Adjusted layout of post game stats / game history details..
  • Fixed a bug with the Banner Carousel code where it'd flicker on first loading up the game.
  • Banner Carousel rotation slowed down to 15 seconds.
  • Banner Carousel now pauses on mouse over.
  • Added hyperlink to Solarus Collection Banner.
  • Added Facebook, Twitter and Youtube buttons.


  • Apprentice Bundle Icon now has Bundle style art.
  • Fixed steam version of Promotion Chest icon.


  • Vice and Virtue are now reactivated.
  • Fixed rare server time outs.
  • Continued to refine ability tooltips.
  • Major memory optimizations.


  • Fix front-end and in-game slow-downs.
  • Fixed Vice+Virtue reporting and missing buttons.
  • Steam account in-game information now updates the Hero name properly.
  • Vallamere reverted to his previous state.
  • Updated social media buttons.

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