Version 38342 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - July 11 2014


  • Most Heroes now comment when they recall.
  • Most Heroes now utter a cry of pain when stunned.
  • Heroes now have a chance to laugh under various circumstances.
  • Lithoron now says "Is mortal life so fragile?" on enemy kill.
  • Khagas now says "You should have left us to legend" after killing an enemy.
  • Added dust effect for Khagas and Bataar skins.
  • Fix Bataar's Dazing Blow tooltip not displaying the value of the applied slow.
  • Reduced brightness of Vallamere's Battle Standard visual effect.
  • Removed "The Guardian lives" from Warden (Bataar)'s Attack Command dialog.
  • Fixed bug where Slag's dialogue for Tar Ball was not being played.
  • Added voice for Rachna eating her cavernlings (Larval Feast)
  • Vexie no longer says "You need a new perspective" when using Resize on herself.
  • Improvements to Drengar's ability visual effects.
  • Improved Xeros Detonate visual effect.


  • Crafting goods now grants XP. Tooltips describe how much XP each good will grant.


  • Passive Income items and Conscript items now sell for 40% of their purchase cost rather than 70% like other items.

Occult TalismanEdit

  • No longer grants Magic Penetration.
  • Now has Passive: Your basic attacks and single target abilities that deal Magic Damage reduce affected enemy heroes' Magic Resistance by 10 for 5 seconds.

Misc GameplayEdit

  • Fixed a bug where the team values of Largest Killstreak and Largest Multikill was adding all player values on a team together instead of just using the max value per team.
  • Increased size of catapult projectiles.

Front EndEdit

  • Fixed the bug where you were unable to remove points from a HeroKit's Attack Power attribute bar.
  • Changed the + symbol to a greyed out backpack to indicate an empty Gear slot.
  • Added a GearPoints spent/max panel in the hero kit panel.
  • Fixed bug where if you have more than one herokit page, switching pages would cause the page contents to be empty.
  • Most Win Hero Count no longer considers Heroes with 0 games won.
  • Added a line in the Hero Overview tooltip to display "Most Victorious Hero" data if it is a hero in that player's most victorious hero list.
  • Game Reward Panels now don't show up if there is not a player in that slot.
  • Adjusted the alignment for the Game Reward panels so they'd be fully centered on the Game Over Window.
  • Fixed bug where old game state was showing up on tooltips for players.
  • Added last login time to tooltip for friends.
  • Removed the LobbyPanel for the ActivityBox and implemented a tooltip for the play button instead.
  • Fixed bug where double whisper chat messages where being received.
  • Games now only show up in the game history list when they are complete.
  • Can no longer send empty strings through chat.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Fixed various issues with pressing screen panels.
  • Fixed issue with pressing the ability bar buttons.
  • Ongoing tooltip improvements (still a work in progress).
  • Glyphs now render their tooltip descriptions in a more consistent fashion with other item and abilities.


  • Vice system improved to handle various ways it was being abused.
  • Fixed bug where it could take a long time to rejoin a game.
  • Fixed some corrupt HeroKits.
  • Fixed disconnected icons showing up incorrectly.
  • Fixed a variety of incorrect strings.
  • Fixed potential bug with trades.
  • Fixed some crashes.
  • Various performance improvements.

Amendments (38424)Edit

  • Fixed bug where Plague Verics would abandon targets that they couldn't detect (e.g hidden in brush).
  • Reduced some of the low end frequencies on the dialog for all heroes with masks/helmets in order to somewhat reduce the muffling effect, which should make those voices a bit clearer.
  • Fixed bug where accounts were ending up with multiple stacks when there should only be one.
  • Crafting now correctly gives experience.
  • In game reports player levels are now displayed at the time the game occured instead of the current player level.
  • A large amount of server code has been updated for stability, performance and reliability.

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