Version 38724 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age July 29 2014

Fellowship BundlesEdit

  • Send a Fellowship Bundle to your friend. Once they open it and reach level 10 you will gain a bonus Virtue level. Earn exclusive content from higher Virtue levels!
  • A Fellowship Bundle contains 2 chests: one that your friend can open once they reach level 2 and one that they can open once they reach level 10.
  • You can only ever have open one Fellowship Bundle.

First Win of the DayEdit

  • Every 24 hours, your first win of the day will grant you a bonus reward. This currently only applies to matchmade games.

Twitch StreamingEdit

  • The first set of Twitch streaming features has been added which allows for video, microphone, audio, text chat and webcam. More features will be coming later.
  • Twitch can be enabled from the bottom right of the home page or in the options screen.
  • Twitch text chat while in a match can be accomplished by hitting enter to bring up the chat window and then tabbing to the Twitch chat channel.
  • You can now find and watch Sins of a Dark Age games being streamed on Twitch from the Homepage->Watch->Twitch window.
  • More Twitch integration and options are coming soon.

General GameplayEdit

  • Fixed bugged aggro where wave minions would aggro far too long under certain circumstances.
  • If you (a Hero) attack enemy wave minions near a tower and there are no friendly wave minions nearby (and its not a catapult) they will aggro on to you.
  • Heroes now run back to base if their controlling player disconnects.
  • Fixed bug where units that have been affected by Jumping, Lifting (e.g. Vexie's Faerie Ring), Pulling (e.g. Beroth's Vine Grab), or Dashing (e.g. Slivus's Lethal Strike) may have been immune to skillshots.
  • Towers and wave minions can no longer target Wards.
  • Fixed UseAbility and Attack cursor states from allowing untargetable units to appear as valid. This was making selecting targets very confusing.
  • Improved ability for Heroes to chase units.
  • Fixed bug where units may stutter when moving to a target.
  • Fixed bug where unit would stop and not auto attack.
  • Improved collision avoidance.
  • Improved brush coverage at various locations on the map.

Wave MinionsEdit

  • Wave minions will now spread out more during combat to make them easier to select.

Melee wave minion:Edit

  • Attack Power reduced to 12 (+0.5/level) from 13.5 (+0.5625/level)

Ranged wave minion:Edit

  • Attack Power increased to 22.92 (+0.92/level) from 16.67 (+0.67/level)
  • Attack Cooldown increased to 1.25 from 1


  • Changed Xeros' laugh so that it's only played when he gets a kill while using his Spellbane Dagger ability.
  • Moved Khagas's Kill line from Bullseye to Emote.
  • Fixed bug with selecting Vallamere's Battle Standard.
  • Fixed Predatory Instincts persisting even when Skalla was dead.

Hero GearEdit

Apprentice Shield (Apprentice Buckler) gear point cost reduced to 0 from 1.


  • Visual effect improvement for Breath Stealer
  • Fixed bugs with a number of items where their buff was erroneously flagged to expire when the owner unit died.


  • Top Heroes now have their own animated brush for the heroes grid (aka 1st place has a different brush animation than 2nd place.. etc)
  • Experience icon no longer blocks tooltips on the top right player panel.


  • Improved visuals for generic haste effect.
  • Ongoing visual improvements to various map elements.
  • Fixed a bug where the downgraded Hero Kit did not properly show in the in-game score window.

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