Version 39436 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age August 31 2014

General GameplayEdit

  • Fixed bug where unit may continue to move toward a target even though he is already in range (e.g ranged unit attack attacking the Hydra).
  • Fixed bug where chasing a unit may cause your Hero to stutter.
  • Fixed bug where Slivus's Lethal Strike, Rachna's Scuttling Nightmares and Lithoron's Landslide may freeze at the end of the ability.
  • Fixed bug where Heroes could get stuck (e.g. Bataar ramming Grugg up against a tower).
  • Fixed bug where towers wouldn't aggro on Heroes correctly.
  • Fixed bug where certain abilities that grant on-hit effects allowed those effects to persist past their intended duration so long as the unit continued to attack a target that wouldn't proc the effect (e.g Slivus's Ravage while attacking a tower). Note that it is intentional that the effect last beyond its duration provided an attack is initiated just before the duration ends.


  • Added unit icons for Vallamere Default flag.
  • Updated Atasha's visual effects.
  • Added enemy versions for Lithoron's Tremor and Slag's Satchel Charge.
  • Added an enemy warning circle for Slag's Satchel Charge.
  • Updated visual effects of Skalla's Serrated Spear
  • Fixed an alignment problem with Skalla's Harpoon.
  • Improved Drengar's Lunging Sweep hit visual effect.
  • Updated placeholder Thorndrake Beroth HUD textures to reflect his new colour scheme.
  • Improved Slivus's visual effects.
  • Improved Bataar's visual effects.
  • Improved Torrace's Triple Shot visual effect.
  • Improved Lava Lithoron's visual effects to better match the colors of the skin.
  • Drengar's Furious Attacks, Khagas's Volley, Torrace's Triple Shot, Vallamere's Might of the Empire, and Xero's Spellbane Dagger now correctly last beyond their duration if an attack was initiated before the duration expired.
  • Fixed Slivus's Ravage dealing Magic Damage to its primary target instead of Physical Damage as intended.
  • Improved visual effects of Vexie's flare.


Hungering BladeEdit

  • Attack Power reduced to 25 from 30
  • No longer loses half stacks when your hero dies.
  • Max stacks increased to 50 from 30
  • Attack Power per stack reduced to 0.5 from 1 (bonus Attack Power at max stacks reduced to 25 from 30)
  • Life Steal per stack reduced to 0.2% from 0.27% (bonus Life Steal at max stacks increased to 10% from 8%)
  • Max Health per stack reduced to 4 from 5 (bonus Max Health at max stacks increased to 200 from 150)
  • Total cost reduced to 2935g from 3235g
  • No longer has an active ability.
  • Now automatically transformed into Orim's Bloodreaver upon reaching max stacks.

Hiro's WindbladeEdit

  • Recipe changed to Valiant Lance + Rapier + Nimbus Sword + 535g from Rapier + Nimbus Sword + Mark of Iron Will + 735g
  • Total cost increased to 4410g from 4225g
  • Attack Power increased to 30 from 25

Mark of Iron WillEdit

  • Cost reduced to 430g from 630g

Monk's ShoesEdit

  • Cost reduced to 1240g from 1440g

New Item: Orim's BloodreaverEdit

  • Gives 50 Attack Power, 20% Life Steal, and 400 Health
  • Has Active: Deal Physical Damage equal to 15% of the target enemy hero's maximum Health. You gain Health equal to the damage dealt.

Relentless CapeEdit

  • Recipe changed to Valiant Lance + Longsword + Escapist's Cloak + 550g from Longsword + Escapist's Cloak + Mark of Iron Will + 675g
  • Total cost increased to 4215g from 3955g
  • Attack Power increased to 50 from 35

New Item: Soul SnareEdit

  • This is a modified version of Orza's Soul Net. Its properties as compared to the latter:
  • Special Power reduced to 50 from 60
  • Max Mana reduced to 250 from 325
  • Mana Regeneration reduced to 2.0 from 2.1
  • No longer loses half stacks when your hero dies.
  • Max stacks increased to 50 from 30
  • Special Power per stack reduced to 1 from 2 (bonus Special Power at max stacks reduced to 50 from 60)
  • Mana Regeneration per stack reduced to 0.06 from 0.1 (bonus Mana Regeneration at max stacks unchanged at 3.0)
  • Now gain 5 Max Mana per stack
  • Recipe changed to Mage Staff + Circlet of Mana + Renewing Amulet + 945g from Mage Staff + Bead of Inspiration + 865g
  • Total cost reduced to 2700g from 2945g
  • Now automatically transforms into Orza's Soulbinder upon reaching max stacks.

Orza's Soul Net renamed to Orza's SoulbinderEdit

  • Special Power increased to 100 from 60
  • Max Mana increased to 500 from 325
  • Mana Regeneration increased to 5.0 from 2.1
  • No longer has a stacking mechanic.
  • Now has Active: Deal Magic Damage equal to a percentage of the target enemy hero's maximum Health. A fraction of the Magic Damage taken by the target from your abilities over a short duration will also be applied when the duration ends.

New Item: Valiant LanceEdit

  • Builds from Short Sword + Mark of Iron Will + 125g (total cost 1015g)
  • Grants 15 Attack Power and 20% Resilience.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Updated the Buffname for the Might of the Empire Shield Stack counter to read "Might of the Empire" instead of the long broken title.
  • Added and upgraded a wide variety of in-game tooltips.
  • Fixed a unit picking/selection bug.
  • Fixed bug were item base values were calculated wrong.

Front EndEdit

  • Added a Virtue progress bar to the player profile panel.
  • Added and upgraded a wide variety of frontend tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug with certain names being incorrectly clipped in the Channel Member and Party Member panels of the ChatSessionFloatingWindow.
  • Fixed bad rendering of certain player names.
  • Improved crafting dialog and recipe ingredients panel.
  • Crafting action button is now disabled if all required ingredients are not owned.
  • Buttons no longer play hover/click sounds if already active.

Twitch StreamingEdit

  • TwitchChat now tracks chat member names.
  • Twitch now recovers from streaming failures better.
  • Twitch now auto reconnects to Twitch chat if the chat connection is lost.
  • Fixed a bug where friends were getting spammed with toasts of Twitch streams starting.
  • You can now double click to view Twitch streams in watch panel.
  • Friend Menu now has an icon that is shown when someone on your friend list is currently streaming on Twitch.
  • Added a member count label to the ChatSessionTwitchPanel.
  • Fixed a bug where the broadcaster's username was getting into the Twitch viewer list multiple times if their display name was different than their login name.


  • Continued improvements to the map artwork.
  • Improved lighting rendering model.
  • Improved matchmaking algorithm to create more fair teams.
  • Added Chronicler dialogue for quest start per quest.
  • Updated damage response and defense response sounds.
  • Added DragonSlayer recruitment voice overs (VO), added spawn VO to Divine Lost Army reward minions and increased volume on their voices, added spawn & movement VO to Imperial wave minions (removed spawn & movement VO from Imperial wave minion's attacks).
  • Added VO to Heaven Quest Escort Units (Stunned, Recovered, Success, Failure, Recruitment).
  • Added DragonSlayer dialog - Attack-NonDragon, Attack-Dragon, Kill Dragon.
  • Rewrote out of date glyph load screen tips, added a tip for item guides.
  • Fixed a wide variety of grammar and spelling errors.
  • Added various optimizations.

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