Version 40490 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age October 16 2014


  • Added support for auto requeue into the secondary queue after the game finishes if you still have a primary search running.
  • Added the ability to queue for the same match type in both primary and secondary queues.
  • Players can now view how many people are queued for each match type and in what regions by viewing tooltips at various locations.
  • Changing the primary match search no longer resets the secondary match search.
  • Fixed bug where if you declined a match search assembly you would get a toast saying that a party member deactivated your match search.
  • Provisioning game activity panel now has higher priority than match search panel so that when accepting to join a secondary game (which preserves the primary match search) the box will say provisioning game server instead of still saying "searching for game" and looking bugged.
  • Fix various other matchmaking bugs.


  • Can no longer view Lore Books through right click menu without owning the book itself.
  • Open wiki button shows up again.
  • Improved Sunken Forest MiniMap artwork.
  • Ace and TowerKill major alerts are no longer enabled for Duel modes.
  • Added more Chronicler dialog.
  • Updated voice work for Lassidar.
  • Updated Lassidar's ability sound effects.
  • Fix crash bug.
  • Fixed sync bug.
  • Various tooltip fixes.

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