Version 40722 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age October 27 2014

New Hero: Ziri - The Shadow InitiateEdit


Ziri is a member of the Shadow, a peasant army that fights against corrupt nobles and merchants. Her specialty is cutting things (sometimes nobles, and sometimes their purses). Young and immature, what she lacks in discipline she more than makes up for with attitude. Oh, and knives. Lots and lots of knives.

Orphaned at a young age, Ziri grew up on the streets of Vandavar stealing for survival and for fun. Adopted into the Shadow, her nimble fingers have proven adept at slinging blades, earning her a place in battle.


Ziri is a dexterous carry who relies on Energy instead of mana to power her unique abilities:

Two-Blade Kata: (Passive) Whenever Ziri uses an ability she gains Attack Speed for her next two basic attacks. These attacks also restore Energy.

Tumbling Blade: (Q with auto Quickcast) Ziri dashes in the targeted direction. Her next basic attack against enemy minions, heroes, or monsters deals additional Physical Damage. If the attack is against an enemy hero the ability's cooldown is partially refreshed.

Trick Shot: (W) Ziri throws a pair of shuriken in the targeted direction, dealing damage to the first enemy struck. When the shuriken strike a target or reach the end of their path, they split apart at an angle and each deal half damage to the first enemy struck.

Cut and Run: (E) Ziri hops backwards while throwing a fan of knives, dealing Physical Damage and Slowing affected enemies. Each knife can only hit one enemy, up to seven total.

Knife Flurry: (R) Ziri readies five knives and throws one of them in the targeted direction, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies in its path and stopping if an enemy hero is hit. The ability can be cast again until Ziri has thrown all five knives.


Also included will be Ziri's Lore Book, initial vocal audio and some additional skins.


Energy is an ability resource similar to Mana and Rage. Unlike Mana, a Hero's maximum Energy cannot be increased by leveling up or purchasing items - it is a constant value of 200. This is countered by Energy's quick regeneration speed (10/s), providing players with a steady supply of Energy to spend.

Players can still momentarily deplete a Hero's Energy pool, however, so they must time their ability usage carefully. Many Energy based Heroes have abilities that can restore Energy, allowing players to better manage the drain on their resources.

Energy is represented by a yellow resource bar instead of blue.


  • Fixed Blink bug (or any always quickcast ability) where it may move in the wrong direction.
  • Duel Modes now have towers with a buff that increases their stats.

Reinforced Tower (Duel 1v1): +25% max health, +10 armour, +25% attack speed. Fortified Tower (Duel 2v2): +50% max health, +20 armour, +25% attack speed.

  • Duel 2v2 mode has had its minion kill victory condition increased to 150 (from 125). (This note was missed previously.)
  • Duel map added 3d grass meshes.
  • Gold rewards for killing Heroes have been reduced in Duel modes relative to Sunken Forest 5v5.
  • Fixed bug where dropping a Quest item could land the item in a place from which it could never be picked up again.
  • Fixed Dagger Tusk's attack speed bonus ability.
  • Fixed Heroes from auto acquiring targets from a much larger distance than intended.
  • Nerroth's Hide now gains stacks from hero kills and assists.


  • Grugg dialogue update, including Abomination Grugg versions - new Movement, Death, Kill, and ability dialogue. More to come!
  • Added more Rachna dialog, including new Movement, Attack, Recall, ability, Getup, Kill, and Death lines. More to come!
  • Added Art for Infernal Lithoron, Samurai Bataar, and Vandal Drengar


  • Quest Wins and Quest Participation post game score sheet icons added.
  • Fixed bug where hero tooltips would show old values after finishing games.
  • Inspect dialog buttons have no more disabled for beta tooltips (as they aren't disabled anymore).
  • Account tooltips now show the game mode players are playing.
  • Fixed in craft Lore Book's action button.
  • Put back in red/green colors for materials owned in crafting tooltip.
  • Added Twitch Channel Timeout and Kickban right click menu icons.
  • Consumables no longer show up in the Player Games Quick Summary panel.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Targeting cues can now render so they can be seen through water so that players who disable water don't have a gameplay advantage. Initially only Slag's Tar Ball and Fire Grenade but more will follow soon.
  • Pings in the main view now have ground decals rendering.
  • Ping mouse cursors implemented. Shows when cursor is loaded with a ping, but not shown while holding ping modifier key (ctrl or alt), likely due to those key's multiple uses.
  • Added a new tooltip title type to support wide unit icons in-game.
  • New selection icons for Imperial and Horen minions.
  • Fixed various bugs with the Surrender Button.
  • Fixed name, description and icon bindings for all Quest reward items.
  • Try Hero mode no longer shows that the player is "offline" in the top bar, and the active player's name properly gets setup.
  • Desaturated and darkened reds and some light greens on the minimaps so it wasn't conflicting with unit icons.
  • Shortened the pingWheelRevealDelay default setting from 0.15f to 0.1f


  • More map art improvements.
  • Added new corrupt data file detection system.
  • Various matchmaking fixes.
  • Numerous tooltip improvements.

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