New Jungling Content and Mechanics

This patch includes the remainder of the systems changes aimed at improving jungling. For more details on what our goals were, visit this Developer Blog.

New: Altars

  • Every creep camp now contains an Altar, whose tooltip will display basic information about the camp such as its respawn frequency and available reward buffs. Altars in all of the small creep camps can additionally be activated by the new Offering Glyph described below.

New Glyph: Offering

  • A new Offering glyph targets the Altars at cleared small creep camps. Doing so will cause the camp to immediately respawn with a larger "Dire" Creep. Killing this Dire Creep will grant the killer a unique temporary buff that varies based on the type of camp where Offering was used.
  • Upgrade paths for Offering include focusing on increased gold rewards or Offering buff duration and buffs from Beast- or Plant-based camps granting more powerful effects.

Dire Creeps

  • Dire Wood Stalker: Kill to receive Thorn Armor - Grants the killing hero bonus Armor and cause them to deal Magic Damage to any neutral monsters that attack them.
  • Dire Dagger Tusk: Kill to receive Predatory Senses - Grants the killing hero lingering vision of the area in which they kill Large or Epic Monsters.
  • Dire Veric King: Kill to receive Plague Carrier - Grants the killing hero bonus Magic Damage on their basic Attacks for a moderate duration.
  • Dire Leaf Scorpion: Kill to receive Sap Venom - Grants the killing hero a buff that causes their damage dealing abilities to reduce the target's Attack Speed and deal additional Magic Damage over time.
  • All Dire Creeps inherit the abilities of their brethren.

Horen Camps -> Leaf Scorpions and Leaf Stingers

  • The basic Horen Camps have been replaced with Leaf Scorpions and Leaf Stingers.
  • The Leaf Scorpion has Venomous Lunge: After a short wind up, the Leaf Scorpion dashes forward. The first enemy struck takes Physical Damage and then receives Magic Damage over time.

Witch Doctor Camp -> Wisp Queen and Lesser Wisps

  • The Horen Witch Doctor camp is now replaced with the Wisp Queen and her Lesser Wisps.
  • The Wisp Queen has Torrent: After a short wind up, the Wisp Queen channels a jet of water in the target direction, dealing Magic Damage and Silencing enemies in its path.
  • When killed the Wisp Queen grants Wisp Queen's Blessing: Grants the killing hero increased Mana Regeneration and Cooldown Reduction for a moderate duration.

Wisps -> Frillspitter

  • The Wisps that accompanied the Troll have been replaced by Frillspitters which are fierce avian predators that spit a potent venom.


  • New ability: Stone Skin - During the Day the Troll's skin turns to stone, granting bonus Armor but reducing Attack Speed.
  • New ability: Clobber - After a short wind up, the Troll strikes the ground with its club. Enemies in the area take Physical Damage and have their Attack Speed reduced for a short time.

Old Growth Wood Imp -> Wood Stalker

  • New ability: Seedbearer - The Wood Stalker summons a Seedling whenever two friendly Wood Imps die. Once summoned a Seedling will grow into a new Wood Imp.
  • Nourishing Death ability removed.


  • When verics die they now emit Corrosive Cloud: Upon death a cloud of toxins is released from the Veric's corpse, dealing constant Magic Damage to any enemies who enter the area.

Dagger Tusks

  • Dagger Tusks now have Frenzy: upon falling below half health, they gain greatly increased Attack Speed.


  • The Hydra now has Acid Barrage: After a short wind up, the Hydra spits a barrage of acid that can reduce the ability and attack damage of all units in the area.

Creep Balance

  • Creep health and damage scaling based on respawn count has been increased. Generally speaking creeps should be relatively more challenging as the game progresses compared to the previous version.

New: Cooperative Game Mode: 5 vs Ai

  • A new cooperative matchmaking option called "5 versus Ai" has been added as a Skirmish option.
  • Play with friends in a party or queue solo to earn experience and rewards in a non-competitive environment.
  • Find out more in this Developer Blog.

New: Voice Chat

  • Sins of a Dark Age now supports voice chat.
  • By default chat is only enabled between friends and party members on the same team.
  • You can never chat with the enemy team.
  • Be sure to setup your voice chat in Steam first (Settings->Voice).
  • By default, Push To Talk is disabled (G key). This can be enabled in the Options->Sound window.
  • We are still debating whether to allow chat with anyone else on your team. Let us know your thoughts on the forums

New: Hero Traits

  • These are intended to communicate the strengths of a given Hero and make it easier for players to narrow down their Hero search. All Heroes have had up to four Hero Traits assigned to them. This is also paired with an indicator of their relative power in that Trait.
  • Hero Traits are visible by hovering over any Hero portrait in the front end and in the Hero Inspect screen.
  • Heroes can be filtered by Hero Trait in the Hero selection window.


  • Added new voice dialog for Bataar, Xeros, Ermuk, Slag, Serewyn, Khagas, Atasha, Vallamere and Skalla.
  • Added new voice dialog for Torrace and alternates for Cavalier Torrace and Skylance Torrace.
  • Hero voice dialog playing is now controlled by weighted chance instead of cycling through all possibilities.
  • Updating all ability warning effects to render properly in Water (e.g the outline around an enemy Slag's Tar).


  • Added voice dialog for Nerroth Fangs.
  • The Jungle Item exclusivity tag has been updated to "Neutral Monster Bonus". Players can only own one "Neutral Monster Bonus" item at a time.
  • Added active sounds for Nerroth Slayer's Mail & updated item purchase sounds for Nerroth's Hide & Fangs.

Duel Modes

  • Various upgrades to the art of the Duel Map.
  • Removed the Major Alert for "Tower Destroyed" for the Duel Mode Towers.
  • Added a new score panel for Duel Modes.
  • Added ambient sounds.

Misc Gameplay

  • Fixed bug where a Creep will regenerate his health at the wrong time.
  • Leaving a game to join another game (in primary queue) will no longer grant you XP or first win of the day.
  • Select Glyphs now get disabled on modes that don't make sense for their ability/effects.

Front End

  • Lore Book crafting now grants experience.
  • Lore Page tooltip now has scribing details (e.g the other pages needed and XP gained).
  • Added a button to the HomePanelQuickPlayPanel that sends you to the PortalPlayPanel's QuickPlay panel so that is more obvious how to adjust your search parameters.
  • Sell on Market added to Good floating menu.
  • You can now change match type configuration while match searches are running. This is necessary so that tooltips showing match type queue times can be displayed while searching for a different match. e.g. Now you can see how 5v5 is doing while 2v2 search is running.
  • An error message is now displayed when trying to set a wrong input type.
  • Added a tooltip to explain how you get more Attribute and Gear points.
  • Updated layout and style of Match Making setup screen.
  • Moved CustomGameSetupPanel into a Dialog and moved the create custom game button into the CustomGameBrowserPanel.
  • You can now copy/paste Item Guides to make it easier to build new ones in additional Hero Kits.
  • Cleaned up the Item Guide display in Hero Kit panel.
  • Added custom tooltip title icons for task bar buttons.

HUD and User Interface

  • Holding right click down now continues to move/attack with your Hero. Please take down your barricades and clear the streets.
  • Hero level ratios now add "/ level" in addition to "/ <shield icon>" so its more intuitive.
  • Much improved scrollbar behavior to eliminate jankiness when dragging the thumb with the mouse. No longer pseudo randomly stops near the extents of the scrollbar.
  • Fixed the broken Ping spam limiter.
  • Swap rendering positions of Retreat and Alert pings to match the keybinding order.
  • Shop window's active Item Guide index now resets between matches.
  • Ace" is now "Massacre".


  • Lots of new tooltips and tooltip upgrades.
  • Added some new loading screen gameplay tips.
  • Added new dialog for Horen minions.
  • Fixed stall when exiting the game.
  • Added support for more international currencies.
  • Updated our international pricing to the latest recommended values from Valve.
  • Only Steam purchases that are finalized will show up in transaction history.
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