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*Keybindings will be reset in order to fix a bug with duplicate key mappings.
*Keybindings will be reset in order to fix a bug with duplicate key mappings.
For the official and most up to date Steam version of these patch notes, see:
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[[Category:Release Notes]]

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New Glyph: Refuge

  • Your hero retreats into a protective shell and becomes untargetable and invulnerable for 2 seconds. While in the shell they recover 75 (+15 per level) Health over the duration but cannot move, attack, or use abilities. 285 second cooldown.
  • The Low Cooldown basic upgrade reduces Refuge's cooldown to 240 seconds.
  • The Greater Heal basic upgrade increases the Health restored to 90 (+18 per level).
  • The Damage Burst advanced upgrade deals 30 (+10 per level) Magic Damage to nearby enemies when Refuge expires.
  • The Radius Pulse advanced upgrade pushes away nearby enemies when Refuge expires.

New Glyph: Sentry

  • Place an untargetable sentry spirit at target location, granting vision within a radius. After a short delay, the spirit will become active and will chase after an enemy hero if they approach. Upon reaching the hero the spirit will haunt them, granting vision of that hero for 6 seconds. 75 second cooldown.
  • The Long Casting Range basic upgrade increases the Sentry placement range to 7 from 4.75
  • The Increased Vision Duration basic upgrade increases the haunt duration to 12 from 6 seconds.
  • The Stealth Detection advanced upgrade allows sentry spirits to reveal Stealthed units and objects within its vision range.
  • The Multiple Sentries advanced upgrade allows the placement of a second spirit within 15 seconds of using the glyph.


  • Default cooldown increased to 285 from 270.
  • Low Cooldown upgrade's cooldown increased to 240 from 230.
  • Shield duration reduced to 3 from 4.


  • Anguish's Splash Damage upgrade is now applied to enemy heroes near the targeted hero when it is cast rather than polling over its duration. Affected heroes now also suffer a fraction of the healing reduction in addition to the Pure Damage.


  • Fix Offering glyph being able to be used simultaneously on the same altar by two different players.

Glyphs Misc

  • The layout of Glyphs icons has been changed to show their pairings (they are paired vertically).


  • Fixed bug where KillLaneTowers quest could end due to towers being dealt lethal damage before the shields could take effect.
  • Fixed bug in Verics' Corrosive Cloud ability that was causing it to linger longer than intended.
  • Fixed bug that would cause DaggerTusk Offering spawn effects to never be shown.
  • Animation is now frozen when the match ends.
  • Horen melee minion animations have been updated.
  • Adventure's Boon renamed to Adventurer's Bounty.
  • Fix erroneous duration value for tower's Detector buff.


Grugg's Ham Fisted

  • Passive effect now takes 6 attacks to prime (up from 5).
  • Passive effect now shows an effect whenever it's primed.
  • Passive effect's enhanced attack now roots the target (no longer stuns).


  • Beacon of Hope's night effect tooltip section is now consistent with the similar effect on Wraithfire Lantern.
  • Fixed Detection Ward expiry sound now plays at the correct time.
  • Fixed tooltip value for Nerroth-Slayer's Mail not getting updated.


  • A glow is now rendered on the EditHeroKit button if there are attribute points remaining to be allocated or no Hero Gear has been selected.
  • Adjusted chat window player Steam portraits so they no longer peek out of the top side of the border at certain resolutions.
  • Fixed player assembly dialogs not nicely handling stacking on one another.
  • Sell on market action for inventory items implemented. Opens up the steam overlay directly to selling the item in question.
  • Added a "Try Hero" button to the front end when browsing heroes in your profile.
  • Fixed some responsiveness issues on friend list not updating / sorting in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where the Post Game Lobby doesn't reset it's view/tab to the default view between games.
  • Players now automatically join the general chat channel when they enter the front end.
  • Steam friend chat messages properly respect ignore list.
  • Players can no longer queue for 5v5 in the secondary queue. The intent was for only shorter games to be played in the secondary queue while players wait to join their primary. This is a temporary measure until our completely redesigned matchmaking system is ready.
  • Consolidated all Twitch controls into one new Options screen so it can be modified during a match.
  • Added an in-game chat message system notification when Twitch streaming has stopped.

HUD and User Interface

  • Buff tooltips now render the buffs total duration rather than the duration remaining
  • Fixed missing information in Ziri's Cut and Run tooltip.
  • It is now possible to see your Hero's attack range. This is accomplished by hovering over your Attack Power stat shown in the bottom left corner of the hud.
  • TryHeroPanel's "Increase Hero Level" button now gets disabled if the active player's hero is max level.
  • Added a "mute voice chat" button in the score screen.
  • Added Ambient sounds for the shop.
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips were not rendering the cooldown for any ability that had no AbilityResource cost (aka Drengar and Rachna).
  • GameOverPlayerRewardPanel's tooltip now displays "Reward Points Earned" as its title if reward points were earned but no loot drop occurred.
  • Duplicate key mappings will now clear the old key mapping/input paring and give a warning message about clearing. Also set it so that current Input Settings will be reset to default the first time a player starts up the game after patching this patch.
  • Numpad numeric keys now work.


  • Numerous optimizations.
  • New voice dialog for Vexie, Beroth, Imperial minions, Horen minions, Imperial Scouts and Horen Scouts.
  • Several new Lore Books have been added.
  • Fixed Turkish currency formatting.
  • Added a variety of new tooltips and tooltip improvements.
  • Updated load screen tooltips.


  • Keybindings will be reset in order to fix a bug with duplicate key mappings.

For the official and most up to date Steam version of these patch notes, see:

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