Version 42114 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age January 21 2015


  • Added a new Starter Twitch Chest which can be given out at 10 viewers. This is different from the chest that is gifted at 20 viewers. As before, the more viewers you have the better the chest.
  • Streaming from certain applications (like GameCaster) will now show up by default in the Watch window without further user modification.
  • Twitch live game streams list now updates upon starting the game client.
  • Twitch Chests are now Tradable and Marketable.

Item ShopEdit

The all-mighty UNDO button has been added to the Shop window and it is possible to undo your shop transactions (both selling and buying).

The transaction history get flushed whenever one of the following things happens:

  • Hero leaves the Shop Radius
  • Player uses an active hero Ability
  • Player uses an active item Ability (normal items and consumable items)
  • Hero takes damage
  • Hero is affected by a negative buff.


  • Ermuk's Flying Kick will no longer be interrupted by Silence once Ermuk has started flying towards his target.
  • Fixed Bataar's Dazing Blows not dealing its bonus damage when striking a target that still has the Dazing Blows slow debuff.
  • Added more vocal dialog for Slag, Torrace, Khagas, Drengar, Vallamere and Grugg.
  • Fixed erroneous tooltip name for Solarus Serewyn skin.
  • Fixed a bad buff icon for Slivus's Ravage.


  • Fixed a bug where the Bait glyph wasn't preventing camps from naturally respawning.
  • Fixed low level player handicap bonus values not being applied correctly.
  • Crystalline Barrier's tooltip is now more clear. Passive: Absorbs a fraction of the Magic Damage dealt to you and converts a percentage of the total Magic Damage into additional Mana.
  • Moved ward meshes to the ground and improved the ability for them to be picked.
  • Fixed Tower Siege quest not counting damage as quest participation for stats if that damage was dealt after the quest's structure shield was depleted.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Fixed a bug with the hud scaling that wasn't working properly on lower resolution settings.
  • Fixed tooltip rendering bug on low resolutions.
  • Focus selected unit on second click is now a game setting.
  • Tweaked the in-game player assembly to have 2 lines.
  • Fixed bug where ingame player assembly window wasn't getting the golden heads reset between assemblies.
  • Added gaps in Hero tooltips between Hero strength blocks.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't ping undetected but visible units like enemy towers.
  • Fixed bug where you didn't get an tooltip if you hovered your cursor over an undetected Hero's inventory items, Glyphs or Hero Kit.


  • Hero Gear buttons now flash if there is any hero gear in the player's inventory that could possibly fit in that slot. This should make the gear buttons much less hidden for new users.
  • The Profile button now gets a banner and count to show any unopened bundles or chests that don't require a key.
  • Added Quickplay button back to homepage.
  • Fixed Malaysian SteamCurrency MYR string formatting. Should be 'RM' not 'Sen'.
  • Fixed bug where editing your matchmaking configuration items wouldn't actually save your changes.
  • Pick region button tooltips now show all active match searches of any possible match search combination (basically all activity in that region).
  • Whisper chat sessions now have a warning text if they are not on your friends list.
  • You can now right click private chat session buttons to get options to view steam / game profile of the player whispering you.

Performance and OptimizationEdit

  • Added a new graphics option to control the Particle Emit Rate.


  • Fixed a wide variety of matchmaking and queuing issues.
  • Fixed bug where clients in a Try Hero game would not be able to successfully join an assembled matched game.
  • Fixed sync bug.
  • Fixed a variety of spelling, grammar and unclear text issues.


  • Keybindings will be reset. Sorry this has happened the last few updates but the system is still in flux.


  • Oops! Looks like the Horen left his pen open and he accidentally made his way into the update!

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