Version 42616 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age February 6 2015

New QuickCast ImprovementsEdit

  • Now Steam Cloud enabled.
  • Added to the keybinding control panel.
  • Switched to use an OnOffButton instead of toggleBox.

HUD and UserInterfaceEdit

  • Bottom bar mana regen font reduced in size to match health regen.
  • Buff duration bar changed to match buff icon. The underlay was also tweaked to have a few pixels above the bar and a pixel below for more clarity.
  • Added new input mapping display in tooltips.
  • Fixed various missing tooltip icons.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Revised Hud-MajorAlert-MinionSpawnCountdown to match what the Chronicler actually says.
  • Revised names and tool tips for the Options -> Gameplay screen.
  • Changed the default key for "drop quest item" from I to K.
  • Improved Advanced Casting group controls.


  • Added new icon and tooltip for Double XP week.
  • Cleanup layout of options dialog graphics panel and lined up the primary buttons to match the in-game HUD positions.
  • Create custom game dialog now has a region drop down box instead of a button to open up the region picker dialog.
  • Lobbymode and region comboboxes handle not having a selected item properly.
  • Hint text colors fixed so they don't look like real text when nothing is entered into the text entry.
  • Fixed bug where some buttons wouldn't play hover and pressed sounds.


  • Memory optimizations.

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