Version 42872 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age February 19 2015

New Quest "From the Depths"[edit | edit source]

  • Objective: Kill the shadow's spawn that emerge when wave minions die to gather their essence and harness the darkness for yourself.
  • Context: Early quest that mixes up and encourages intense lane fights.
  • Reward: Umbral Eye - Corrupt the targeted wave minion with gathered shadow, granting it more powerful basic attacks and tougher defenses. Any last hits it earns will be awarded to you.

New Servers in Russia and Australia[edit | edit source]

  • We are rapidly expanding our international presence and today we are introducing test servers in Moscow and Sydney. These are identified in-game as Russia West and Australia East. Expect more test servers soon.

New Item "Faeweave Torc"[edit | edit source]

  • Builds from Mending Amulet + 325 gold (total cost 820 gold).
  • Grants 3.2 Health/sec, +5% Healing Given and +5% Healing Received.

New Item "Oath Shield"[edit | edit source]

  • Builds from Cloak of Protection + 2x Bracelet of Vigor + 900 gold (total cost 2900 gold).
  • Grants 55 Magic Resistance and 375 Health.
  • Has Unique Passive: gain a Damage absorbing shield that begins to regenerate at 12.5 shield/sec 8 seconds after you last took damage. If you have not received new damage for an additional 4 seconds, the regeneration rate increases to 25 shield/sec. Maximum shield strength is 150.

New Item "Vendetta"[edit | edit source]

  • Builds from Mail Armor + Cloak of Protection + 950 gold (total cost 2950 gold).
  • Grants 55 Armor and 45 Magic Resistance.
  • Has Unique Passive: Upon taking lethal damage instead of dying you will arise after a short delay at half Health and Mana (or Energy). You may move, attack and cast abilities for up to 10 seconds before actually dying. 270 second cooldown.

New Match Making[edit | edit source]

  • Complete rewrite of how the match making algorithm balances teams. It should now produce teams that are much more balanced in skill.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bug where Try Hero mode was truncating Hero kits to be PlayerLevel 1.
  • Added correct number of pauses per player.
  • Items that are released now attempt to stop using their active ability if they have one and it is being used. This fixes the portal scroll refund exploit.
  • Vallamere's Heroic Stand now shows the % health that will trigger the shield in the tooltip.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

  • Improved implementation of Rachna's Passive so her dialog will only trigger if Rachna does not already have Cavernlings.
  • Khagas's blind is now affected by crowd control removal and Resilience.
  • Adjusted Strengths (Initiator, Enhancer, Disabler, etc) of a number of Heroes.
  • Fixed an incorrectly aligned Rage Bar value on Drengar.
  • Healing well now properly increases energy regen rate (e.g for Ziri) to be equivalent to the boosted Mana regen rate.
  • Fixed a bug with Torrace's Side Bounties that was causing him not to earn the bonus gold if the target died while he himself was dead.
  • Added new and/or improved vocal dialog for a variety of Heroes.
  • Added custom visual effects for Aftershock and Stone Shield on two of Lithoron's skins.

New paintings and UI elements for:

  • Atasha - Dusk Queen
  • Lord Dekain - Spectral
  • Skalla - Tribal
  • Slag - Wastelander
  • Slivus - Direbone
  • Ziri - Bloodborn

Additional Item Changes[edit | edit source]

Grove Keeper's Mantle[edit | edit source]

  • Recipe changed to Bloodstone + Faeweave Torc + Hood of Protection + 575 gold from Bloodstone + Mending Amulet + Hood of Protection + 825 gold
  • Total cost increased to 2690 gold from 2615 gold
  • Healing Given increased to 12% from 10%
  • No longer grants bonus Healing Received

Mandrake's Carapace[edit | edit source]

  • Recipe changed to Mail Armor + Faeweave Torc + Mending Amulet + 865 gold from Mail Armor + 2x Mending Amulet + 1065 gold
  • Total cost increased to 3230 gold from 3105 gold
  • Now grants 12% Healing Received

Rush of Insight[edit | edit source]

  • Now grants 25% Special Cooldown Reduction for 10 seconds on a 120 second cooldown. Special Cooldown Reduction works similarly to normal Cooldown Reduction but is not subject to the latter's 40% cap. E.g. it is possible to achieve an effective 65% CDR with 40% normal CDR and the active in effect.

Runethief's Spellpick[edit | edit source]

  • Recipe changed to Occult Talisman + Mage Staff + Renewing Amulet + 650 gold from Clarity of Thought + Apprentice Wand + Hood of Protection + 800 gold
  • Total cost increased to 3450 gold from 3060 gold
  • Special Power increased to 80 from 65
  • Mana Restore Rate reduced to 1.6/sec from 1.8/sec
  • No longer grants Cooldown Reduction
  • Passive now restores 40 Mana over 5 seconds in addition to stealing 15 Magic Resistance.

Glacial Scepter[edit | edit source]

  • Tooltip now describes its effect as a Unique Passive.

HUD and User Interface[edit | edit source]

  • QuickCast Group buttons in the Advanced Casting dialog now show up active (green) if all abilities within the group are actually quickcast.
  • Advanced Casting dialog now resets properly.
  • Quickcast on key up properly resets to default when the reset to default button is pressed.
  • Improved Hero minimap icons to be more identifiable.
  • Removed hover and click sounds from Quest Item panel
  • FPS and Ping now render in the same location (to avoid conflicting with the team score).
  • Fixed bug where non-Latin characters (e.g Cyrillic) wouldn't show up during in-game chat.
  • Moved chat window slightly to the right to prevent some characters getting clipped on the left edge.
  • Added a dropshadow as a temporary fix for readability against certain backgrounds.
  • Fixed a bug where Duel window's text in the progress bars was not respecting the HUD scale.

Front End[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bug where Steam player icons would be stuck as question marks in various places.
  • Tooltips for Hero Gear recipes now have a new color (orange) for partially owned ingredients.
  • Crafting dialog now uses partially owned color (orange) for ingredient boxes.
  • Excessively long Twitch stream names now clipped properly.
  • Try Hero has been added to the Play panel.
  • Fixed bug "User not in friendly team but appears in match chat".
  • Lore Book Page font size decreased to prevent page overlap.

Networking[edit | edit source]

  • Improved networking code to better handle players who are lagging.

Misc[edit | edit source]

  • Various text improvements.
  • Reduced load times.
  • Reduced memory cost.
  • Fixed various match making queuing bugs.

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