Version 43105 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age February 27 2015


  • Every hero now has an 'emote" which is activated with the key "O".
  • Added Emote vocal dialog for all Heroes, Direbone skins and Founder skins.
  • Added vocal dialog for all Heroes when various potions are consumed.
  • Added additional vocal dialog for Founder Khagas.
  • Added an enemy warning outline to Lassidar's Static Field, to indicate when it has been summoned by an enemy.
  • The enemy warning outline on Slag's Tar Ball now shows if any part of the tar is visible.
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy warning outline on Slag's Tar Ball would be offset, and not show the true area of effect.
  • Fixed a bug where start and execute effects on secondary abilities weren't being rendered.


  • New graphics options that control mesh detail have been added. Reducing these will grant significant performance improvements on most machines. Reducing Terrain Prop Mesh Quality will improve performance more than reducing Unit Mesh Quality.
  • Implemented additional optimizations.

Os servers brasileiros estão ativos / New Servers in BrazilEdit

  • Sins of a Dark Age continues to expand internationally with servers in Brazil.

Soada now has servers in:

  • North America West
  • North America East
  • Europe West
  • Russia West
  • Australia East
  • Brazil

More regions are coming!


  • Fixed some Quest Creeps from wigging out.
  • Fixed bug where some Quest Creeps wouldn't aggro correctly.
  • Fixed bug where some Quest Creeps wouldn't pursue correctly.
  • Fixed bug where Gryphon wouldn't do anything.
  • Fixed Troll and Hydra from not always using their special abilities correctly (or at all).


  • Minions now have proper names on their tooltips:
  • Imperial Footman vs Horen Ravager
  • Imperial Archer vs Horen Sling
  • Imperial Scout vs Horen Torch


  • Made several improvements to Blink so it's not so punishing on ambiguous navMesh boundaries. The net result should be that it's easier to Blink over more obstacles, and and harder to collide with their edges.


  • Sanctus now appears when searching for "shield" items in the shop.

Hero GearEdit

  • Rewrote the Empathic Bonds tooltip to clarify its function.

Gameplay MiscEdit

  • Improved the Ai/Golem's use of point targeted abilities.
  • Fixed units with special shader effects from not dissolving correctly after death.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Refactored how the in-match shop sorts its items. They are now sorted in ascending price order instead of ascending alphabetically. However, if you select a specific attribute they will now sort in ascending power instead of descending power.
  • The in-game Shop Window's purchase button no longer says "Buy for FREE" when there is no selected item, it now shows 'N/A' instead of 'FREE'.

Front EndEdit

  • The Friend menu close button is now a minimize button as that more accurate represents the button click action.
  • Improved the customize Item Guides button.
  • Fixed bug where escape wasn't working in the front end customize Item Guides shop window.
  • Renamed Options->Gameplay to Options->Controls.
  • Moved QuickCast and Advanced Casting options to Options->Controls.
  • Changed Option buttons to non-sliding style.
  • Fixed language button not being repositioned properly.


  • Numerous text improvements.
  • Revisions to Twitch related tooltips.

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