New Hero Exclusive GearEdit

Introducing a new class of Hero Gear that can only be equipped by specific Heroes. Each piece is designed to modify the behavior of one of the Hero's unique abilities adding greater gameplay customization and strategic planning.

Fellfury HelmEdit

  • When Berserker's Rage expires, Drengar maintains a small amount of Rage.

Bonehollow BladeEdit

  • If Drengar's Lunging Sweep hits an enemy hero, its cooldown is partially refreshed.

Dualcrank CrossbowEdit

  • Torrace fires two Rocket Bolts instead of one, each bolt dealing reduced Physical Damage. Enemies cannot be hit by multiple bolts.

Scattershot BoltsEdit

  • Torrace's Triple Shot deals reduced Attack Damage against the primary target but deals increased Splash Damage to all enemies nearby.

Harvest HornEdit

  • Serewyn's Seeds of Renewal grant additional Health and Mana over time.

Poisonbriar TalismanEdit

  • Enemies hit by Serewyn's Thorn Barrage ability take additional Magic Damage over time.

Two-Handed BladeEdit

  • Vallamere's first basic attack after activating Might of the Empire deals additional Attack Damage.

Bolstering ShieldEdit

  • Vallamere's Chivalrous Defense ability grants his target ally additional Movement Speed.

Blade VaneEdit

  • Ziri's Cut and Run ability has a narrower cone but the knives travel farther.

Shadowburst ShurikenEdit

  • Ziri's Trick Shot ability deals additional Physical Damage after the shuriken have split.

Sunblossom ShellEdit

  • While Renewing Carapace is active Beroth gains bonus Mana Regeneration.

Sunderwood MaulerEdit

  • Beroth's Power Crush ability deals bonus Magic Damage against his target, if no enemy units are in range to take Splash Damage

Echoing MantleEdit

  • Lithoron's Aftershock ability deals reduced Magic Damage, but triggers twice in short succession.

Shard PlateEdit

  • While Stone Shield is active, basic attacks against Lithoron cause him to deal Magic Damage in radius around himself.

All Heroes will be receiving exclusive gear, the rest just aren't done yet.

All Hero Gear now plays a unique sound when its selected.


  • Items that grant bonus Critical Strike Damage are no longer exclusive, however Critical Strike Damage no longer stacks cumulatively with itself. In other words, a hero is only granted the largest value of Critical Strike Damage it gains from a single item. For example if a hero had both Tyrant's War Maul (+25% Critical Damage) and Axe of Oblivion (+50% Critical Damage), then their final Critical Damage would be +50% (not +75%).
  • Added a new AttackDamageBlock ItemExclusivityType for use on items that reduce the amount of damage suffered from basic attacks. The following items have gained this new property:
  • Ancestral Plate
  • Chilling Chestplate
  • Neroth's Hide
  • Neroth-Slayer's Mail
  • Vampiric Plate
  • Revenguard

Belt of VigorEdit

  • Now builds from Bracelet of Vigor with a recipe cost of 750 (total cost reduced to 1275 from 1375)
  • All items building from Belt of Vigor have had their recipe cost increased by the difference

Chilling ChestplateEdit

  • Recipe cost reduced to 950 from 1000 (total cost reduced to 3800 from 4220)
  • No longer has a random chance to cause attackers to be Slowed or reduce their Attack Speed
  • Damage Block reduced to 20 from 30
  • Added AttackDamageBlock ItemExclusivityType.

Cloak of ProtectionEdit

  • Now builds from Hood of Protection with a recipe cost or 425 gold (total cost reduced to 850 from 950)
  • All items building from Cloak of Protection have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.

Great SwordEdit

  • Cost reduced to 1840 from 1925
  • All items building from Great Sword have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.

Long SwordEdit

  • Cost reduced to 920 from 950
  • All items building from Long Sword have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.


  • Cost reduced to 1110 from 1180
  • All items building from Mace have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.

Mage StaffEdit

  • Price reduced to 900 (from 925)
  • All items building from Mage Staff have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.

Mail ArmorEdit

  • Now builds from Leather Armor with a recipe cost of 610 (total cost reduced to 950 from 1050)
  • All items building from Mail Armor have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.

Mending AmuletEdit

  • Cost reduced to 425 from 495
  • All items building from Mending Amulet have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.

Onslaught BladeEdit

  • No longer loses stacks when switching targets, but only builds stacks when attacking enemy Heroes or Minions. Attacks against Structures will refresh the duration of the buff but not grant a stack.


  • Cost reduced to 1450 from 1475
  • All items building from Rapier have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.

Renewing AmuletEdit

  • Cost reduced to 400 from 450
  • All items building from Renewing Amulet have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.


  • Damage Block reduced to 10 from 15
  • No longer passively shocks enemies for 40 (+0.1 SP) Magic Damage when they attack you.
  • Now has Active: For 3 seconds enemy hero basic attacks against you will shock them for 100 (+0.4 SP) Magic Damage and push them back.
  • Added AttackDamageBlock ItemExclusivityType.


  • Name changed to 'Short Sword'.

Slime ShieldEdit

  • Recipe changed to Leather Armor + Mending Trinket + 930 gold from Mail Armor + Mending Trinket + 685 gold
  • Total cost reduced to 1500 from 1870
  • Armor reduced to 40 from 50
  • No longer has a random chance to cause attackers to be Slowed (but still reduces Attack Speed).

Vampiric PlateEdit

  • Base Damage Block reduced to 10 from 15
  • Crit proc Damage Block reduced to 5 from 10
  • Added AttackDamageBlock ItemExclusivityType.

Wizard ScepterEdit

  • Price reduced to 1800 (from 1875)
  • All items building from Wizard Scepter have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.


  • Fixed a bug with Khagas's Heroic Shot not passing through minions.
  • Vallamere's Might of the Empire: Splash damage will now scale off damage dealt to the primary target BEFORE damage mitigation (instead of AFTER damage mitigation).

Misc GameplayEdit

  • Fixed a bug where Tower attack damage wasn't properly ramping up on consecutive attacks vs the same Player owned target.

Front EndEdit

  • Cleaned up layout of Options->Controls
  • Fixed castle colors and size on region select maps.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Players can now control the quickcast behavior of secondary actions of all abilities that have a targeted secondary action. (e.g. Ziri's Knife Flurry). This can be changed in Options->Controls->Advanced Casting.
  • Updated Mute Text and Voice buttons on In Game Score Sheet, and adjusted layout to accommodate for the extra button.


  • Made various optimizations.
  • Reduced bandwidth required.
  • Refined network code to help prevent packet loss.
  • Fixed bug that allowed twitch streamer to sometimes give rewards to themselves.


  • All match making configurations have been reset
  • All hero picking preferences have been reset (default skin and hero kit page that are set when you pick a hero).

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