Update #37 Release Notes March 24 2015

Game ReplaysEdit

  • You can now watch replays of any games played. Browse through any player's game history to download and watch any game played since the last update.
  • While watching a replay you can:
  • Change Playback speed (e.g. slow motion and fast-forward)
  • Rewind
  • Disable Fog of War
  • Change Player perspective
  • Replays from previous updates are not currently viewable. We hope to implement backwards compatibility in a future update.

Sins of a Dark Age SoundtrackEdit

  • Added 25 more minutes of Sins of a Dark Age music more than doubling the existing content. The complete listing is as follows:
  • War of the Sunken Forest
  • The Last Idyllic Fae
  • Imperial Decree
  • Vandavari Crusade
  • Far from Grodyk
  • Sand, Fire, and Coin
  • Honor of the Khari
  • Search for the Well of Life
  • Journey from the Dells
  • Beyond the Gatekeepers
  • Reminder: A playlist ready form of the Sins of a Dark Age Soundtrack will be delivered to pre-Steam Founders at the end of Early Access (at the latest).


  • Twitch Stream Rating system added. You can now rate twitch streams in the game client. The accumulated rating of a streamer will be displayed when browsing streams. Every upvote a streamer gets will give them virtue points leading to virtue levels and rewards.
  • Twitch reward notification string now has a link to Sins of a Dark Age on Steam.



  • Slivus's Snake In The Grass description is now "Slivus deals increased damage to enemy heroes while in Brush, and for a short time after leaving it. An additional amount of damage is dealt to neutral monsters."
  • Updated Slivus' strengths to include "Inflictor" at a power rating of 1


  • Ziri's Hero Gear Lore for Shadowburst Shuriken is now "The Shadow have trained their elite to angle their shuriken in mid-air."
  • Fixed Ziri being immune to skillshots while tumbling with her Q


  • Heroic Shot now grants vision along its travel path.


  • Added more vocals and Emote sounds to skins that were missing it.

Misc GameplayEdit

  • Improved rendering of Fog of War reveal speed so fast moving things like Khagas's Heroic Shot will grant vision along its path correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the back towers in the Duel map were vulnerable to attack.


  • Vendetta Changed from "This armor guards against death" to "When all too often death comes quickly, vengeance must be swifter." Old lore made it unclear that Vendetta does not actually prevent death.


Clarity Changes:Edit

Glyph tooltips now show the Glyph's 'type' just under its name. (This was done to help new players figure out the intended role of this Glyph, and to be able to recognize the Glyph pairings we have for each glyph 'role')

New Glyph Types:Edit


  • Anguish
  • Cripple


  • Bulwark
  • Refuge

(Tactical) Mobility

  • Blink
  • Haste


  • Portal
  • Sentry


  • Offering
  • Slaughter


  • Slaughter glyph is now disabled in Try Hero and Duel game modes.

HUD and User InterfaceEdit

  • Fixed wrong value displayed for minimum time to get game rewards in post game reward screen tooltip.
  • Revised attribute description strings in the Hero Comparison window for clarity. Critical Strike Damage also amended to mention its new behavior from last update.
  • Camera edge strafing speed can now controlled in the options menu.
  • Tooltip behavior modified to have a hover time tolerance. This allows moving the mouse quickly over user interface components on HUD to get to edge scrolling without tooltips popping up when not wanted.


  • Front end escape menu button now has proper hover state and tooltip.
  • Fixed bug when viewing game history dialog where the gameId was not being displayed next to the previous and next arrows of the dialog.

Match MakingEdit

  • Declining a game in the player assembly stage is now as serious as leaving the game in the lobby stage. Serial offenders will be given a timeout from matchmaking.
  • Match making server will now randomize what regions and match types are formed first. This is to prevent undesired behavior where North America West was always begin selected before other regions.
  • Fixed match making bug that would cause clients to miss out on games. Please report any further issues immediately.


  • Fixed sync error.
  • Potential fix for lag spikes.


  • Fixed client freezing when exiting game from post game lobby screen.
  • Fixed up font glyphs being rendered on a multiple baselines within the same line.

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