Update #40 Release Notes May 13 2015

He came from the deepEdit

The Mythical skin Deep Sea Lithoron has been released. Features

  • Custom ability visual and audio effects.
  • Custom ambient sounds during various animations.


  • Improved the contents of chests that can be opened with purchased keys.
  • Fixed bug where Twitter reward chests were not being delivered. If you re-register your account it will appear in your inventory.



  • Updated some of her Ability Icons to match the rest of them.
  • Fixed bug where Atasha's empowered abilities were not respecting the advanced casting settings. Only the normal abilities were. Thanks reddit!


  • Fixed a bug where he would spam his vocal dialog whenever he was participating in the Valkryn's Watch quest.


  • Fixed an incorrect piece of text in his Blinding Shot's buff tooltip.


  • Fixed an incorrect double description in his Two Handed Blade gear's tooltip.


Orza's SoulbinderEdit

  • Improved the visual effects of the active.


Sunken Forest (Siege Map)Edit

  • The ritual chanting of the Witches in the Horen team's well is now audible.
  • The destroyed Horen tower now looks more "destroyed" to prevent any confusion.
  • Fixed bug where Wisp Queen could continue casting Aqua Jet while Stunned or Silenced.
  • Fixed bug where Heaven Commander in Divine Lost Army quest could ascend while he was disabled.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't right click to capture a Necromancer's coffin that wasn't detected.
  • Heaven Escort quest now uses the proper capture bar visuals when the commander is channeling.

Match MakingEdit

  • Improved the match making algorithm so that it should be much quicker for parties to find matches.
  • Fixed some banning issues for clients who can't connect to games through no fault of their own (e.g. network reasons).



  • It should now take less time to complete both tutorials.
  • Your allied Ai Golems will now be "Hard Ai" and the enemy will remain "Easy Ai".
  • A warning dialog has been added to match searching if you haven't completed tutorials as you will be missing valuable Hero Gear.

Duel TutorialEdit

  • Hero kill victory condition reduced to 3 kills from 5
  • Minion kill victory condition reduced to 100 from 175
  • Enemy tower Health reduced to 2550 from 4200

Siege TutorialEdit

  • Now grants XP passively and has increased passive income.
  • Enemy Tower Health reduced to 1200 from 2550
  • Enemy Keep Tower Health reduced to 1000 from 2200
  • Quest order is now consistent instead of randomly generated (in order to guarantee shorter quests).


  • Numerous optimizations (with more to come soon!)
  • Disabled voice chat by default as this can be a real CPU hog while streaming.
  • Remove the "recommended" tag on virtual full screen. Many machines will actually perform substantially better with "exclusive fullscreen". If you are having FPS issues give Exclusive fullscreen a shot.
  • Added some loading screen optimizations. This should reduce cases of "Program is not responding". Note that if you do receive this warning the game will most likely still load.


  • Fixed bug with displaying the incorrect Twitch viewer count in-game.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't give out Twitch Gifts unless you logged in with your Twitch username in lowercase.
  • Added a "thumbs up" icon to the streamer upvote button.
  • Fixed bug where Twitch streamers where getting "unknown" has upvoted your stream.
  • The upvote button now displays as disabled if you already voted for the streamer.
  • Moved the default position of the Twitch window so it doesn't overlap the top bar. You will need to type "/resetlayout" in chat to get the new default position.

User InterfaceEdit

New DialogsEdit

  • Added a new "Quit Match" dialog, that will show up whenever a player attempts to quit an unfinished match (or the Hero Select Lobby), asking for confirmation that they really want to abandon their teammates.
  • Server patches now nicely logout all users with a friendly message box on why they are being disconnected.


  • Tooltips can be scaled in the options->hud dialog to make them easier to read.
  • Added a setting in the Controls tab of the Options, that toggles the in-game Camera's zoom being controlled by the mouse wheel.

Front End ChatEdit

  • Auto joined chat channels will now auto-shard when they reach their new max size of 250.
  • Passworded chat channels are now supported. If you create a channel with a password it will be considered private by default (won't show up in the join channel dialog listbox).
  • Changed the chat member type sorting and name color coding to give steam friends higher sort priority than before. New priority order is: Self (Gold), Party Member (Blue), Steam Friend (Green), Developer (Red), Moderator (Pink), Community Contributor (Purple), Everyone else (Grey).


  • Edit Hero" has been renamed to "Equip Hero"
  • Fixed bug in the Hero selection lobby where Hero ability icons showed up but no mesh was visible.
  • Added 'Community Contributor' as a specialized chat name colour, and added a 'Community Contributor' tag for Player tooltips.
  • The View Stats and reward boxes now come up at the correct time at the end of a match.
  • The Post Game screen now shows the proper defeat underlay in the top left corner.
  • Advanced casting icons for items and glyphs implemented, as well as tooltip icon for advanced casting button.
  • All ComboBoxes no longer respond to mouse wheel events when focused so that the nearby Listboxes can be scrolled.



  • Fixed steam chat not handling enter (would give invalid command error). Now just closes the window as what is probably expected.
  • Typing "/resetlayout" in chat works for all 3 chat windows (Match, Steam & Twitch) now (i.e: it will reset them all).


  • Revamp of the Top Rated Replays list box to be much nicer looking and shows heroes in teams.
  • Added Top Rated Replays listbox tooltip.


  • Updates to Russian text.


All display related settings will be reset. This should be rare and steps were taken this update to make it more rare.

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