Update #41 Release Notes May 22 2015

Community ImprovementsEdit

  • Improved punishing of problematic players.
  • Punished players are now informed of their punishment with a dialog giving them the option to "Appeal" or "Accept" their punishment. Choosing to appeal the punishment may result in further punishment if our review of the appeal shows the punishment was justified. Do not appeal if you are not confident in your case.
  • Improved AFK detection.
  • The "Thumbs Down" button now flashes if a player was identified as AFK hopefully reminding players to down-vote them. The button's tooltip also informs of the reason for the flashing.
  • Added code to auto-kick players from the server if they haven't picked a hero by the time the countdown finishes. This prevents games from starting with AFK players as the match will be auto-aborted.
  • Players in Scrimmage games will now auto-join any queue pops. This should reduce the number of queue declines and helps reinforce the intent of Scrimmage mode.
  • Siege mode initial surrender vote lockout time reduced to 15 mins from 20 mins.
  • Added some new Community Contributors and other special titles.



  • Fixed Atasha's abilities so that they don't share cooldowns between normal and empowered states.

Fire Ball (Both Empowered and Normal)

  • Cooldowns were reduced to 9.5/7.0/6.5/5.0 (from 10.0/9.5/9.0/8.5)

Wall of Flame

  • Cooldowns were reduced to 18.0/17.0/16.0/15.0 (from 25.0/23.0/21.0/19.0)
  • Range was increased to 7.5 (from 6.0)


  • Improved readability by adjusting contrast and saturation on color texture map.

Vallamere's Battle Standard has had its casting times decreased to make his Q-W combo much snappier.

  • ExecuteTime reduced to 0.25 (from 0.454)
  • CommitTime reduced to 0.26 (from 0.471)
  • StopTime reduced to 0.33 (from 0.6)
  • Wired up the "on allied hero" effect for Vallamere's Battle Standard.
  • Adjusted dissolve time of Vallamere's Battle Standard.
  • Updated Vallamere's Battle Standard Animation.


  • Dazing Blows' enhanced attack now gets consumed when Bataar attacks a Structure or a ward. (Note: Towers will not have their attack reduced slowed by Dazing Blows)


  • Fixed a bug where Static Field was consuming a charge of Electrify when it is manually deactivated.


  • Ravage's enhanced attack now gets consumed when Slivus attacks a structure or a ward. (Note: AoE damage will not be procced when attacking structures or wards)


  • Fixed the slow where Resize was not being dispelled by crowd control removal effects.


  • Tumbling Blade's enhanced attack now gets consumed when Ziri attacks a Structure or a ward.


  • Fix Skalla's Predatory Instincts triggering Bleeding more often than intended.


  • Improved readability by adjusting contrast and saturation on color texture map.


  • Improved readability by adjusting contrast and saturation on color texture map.

User InterfaceEdit


  • Active items now have indicator overlays. A gold border indicates they can be used and a grey border means they are currently disabled. Items without actives show no border.
  • Updated Shop Undo Button.
  • GameOverWindow no longer closes with Enter key so won't be closed by chatting when game ends.
  • Left clicking outside an active chat window in game will now deactivate it.
  • Scrollwheel works on the item shop listbox without the listbox needing focus (so can scroll as soon as you open the shop).
  • Fixed bug where dragging the camera in minimap window with left mousebutton and right clicking to move hero would stop the dragging prematurely.
  • QuickGlyphPurchasePanel no longer traps all mouse button up events if not visible.

Front EndEdit

  • Added a 'Leave Party' button to the Party Chat Panel.
  • Each General Chat channel now caps at 100 players.
  • Chat channel member list box syncing no longer wipes out the scrolled position.

Advanced CastingEdit

  • Advanced casting moved from a keybindings dialog to a tab on the options screen.
  • Added a new Advanced Casting option called "Move to Cast" that controls if point targeted abilities move to get within range or not.
  • If enabled: When the cursor position is outside of this ability's range then your hero will move to get within range.
  • If disabled: When the cursor position is outside of this ability's range the ability will be cast at maximum range.
  • For example consider Drengar's W: if Move to Cast is disabled he will now leap to the maximum extents of his range in the direction of the cursor instead of moving to get in range of the cursor position before leaping.


  • Various performance optimizations.
  • A number of lobby network traffic optimizations.


  • Fixed bug in party system that could cause the client to go out of sync with the server.
  • Empire and Horen Wave minions: Increased brightness on color map slightly to make them more readable.
  • Spelling and grammar fixes.

Version 44822

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