Update #42 Release Notes May 27 2015

First Win of the DayEdit

Lore Pages and Hero Gear recipes have been added to the random First Win of the Day reward options. The probability of getting a Lore Page or Hero Gear recipe from First Win of the Day is much higher than from the end of match rewards.



  • Power Crush no longer procs its AoE damage when it's used on a structure or ward.


  • Fixed a bug where Static Field was consuming a charge of Electrify when it was manually deactivated.


  • Triple Shot no longer procs its AoE damage when it's used on a structure or ward.


  • Fixed his ult animation when used with non-default skins.


  • Fixed the bug where abilities that grant on-next attack effects were persisting indefinitely if you had an attack order instead of the intended not expiring if an attack that would trigger the effect was currently in progress.
  • Fixed Heroes spamming dialog during Quests.

Community ImprovementsEdit

  • AFK players no longer receive experience when the game is completed.
  • Auto-join assembly now works for all game modes, not just scrimmage games (e.g. Try Hero mode).
  • The chat window now informs you who initiated a surrender vote.
  • Further improvements and fixes to the Warning system.
  • Players must now reach level 5 to get their Twitter registration reward.


  • Major optimizations to sound causing major FPS drops (particularly in combat).
  • Major optimization to FPS during combat by setting the combat log to be disabled by default. Enable it in Options->Communications if you would like to see the data it provides for experimentation or theory crafting.
  • Fixed server bug causing memory and lag issues.
  • Fixed major slowdown caused by large list boxes.
  • Added more multithreading to reduce the burden on the primary thread. More to come!

User InterfaceEdit


  • Left Mouse Button and Right Mouse Button are now remappable inputs.
  • Added new Attack Move and Attack Only inputs.
  • You can now ping on top bar Hero Portraits.
  • Danger and Alert quick cast pings are now remappable inputs.
  • You can now bind inputs to extra mouse buttons.
  • Use Inventory Item key bindings now have their numPad equivalents set as their default secondary bindings.
  • Fixed bug where cursor would change when score window was open and blocking units the cursor was over.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Try Hero mode from never returning the enemy hero portrait as a clickable unit.

Front EndEdit

  • Added a button to the landing screen that links to the Soada's website.

Hotfix AddendumEdit

  • Fixed exploit where players could detect enemy positions by pinging their portraits.
  • Fixed auto accept assembly happening in the front end.
  • Attack Move with loaded cursor action should work again when the undercursor unit is not attackable (e.g friendly unit).
  • Fixed quick cast not being usable on self (e.g. Ermuk's W).
  • Cursor actions now reset to default when the match is over so the cursor isn't stuck on the ability cursor.
  • Fixed bug where you could use abilities after a match was over.
  • Match searches are now stopped if you create a party by inviting a friend.
  • Increased visual clarity on Drengar, Horen bodies, and Horen Tower Valkryns.
  • Various optimizations.

Hotfix Addendum 2Edit

  • Fix not being able to move close to your Hero due to interference from his hitbox.
  • Fixed a variety of ping issues particularly not being able to ping units on the minimap.

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