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Update #43 Release Notes June 12 2015

A song, a dance, a blow to the head!

  • The Legendary skin Mad Jester Slag has been released.


  • Custom ability audio effects.
  • Custom ambient sounds during various animations.
  • Bonus insanity: There's regular Slag mad and there's Jester Slag mad...make way for the king!

Last Hit Challenge

  • The Last Hit Challenge is a fast paced single player mode where you try to strike the last hit on Horen wave minions before they die. You can play this mode for practice or compete against your friends and the community for the highest score. After the game you can view leaderboards for each hero, and a cumulative score of all your heroes' best scores combined. To see the full details on all its unique features click here.
  • Last Hit Challenge can be played while queuing for a multiplayer match. If you join a match it will automatically save your state and when you return, it will pick up where you left off.



  • Improved the clickability of Battle Standard's mesh.

Forsaken Vallamere

  • Added new painting and UI artwork.

Shadowwalker Xeros

  • Added new painting and UI artwork.

Skylance Torrace

  • Added new painting and UI artwork.

Thorndrake Beroth

  • Added new painting and UI artwork.

General Gameplay

  • Fixed bug preventing you from moving right next to friendly units.
  • Fixed bug preventing attack move from moving next to friendly units (including yourself)
  • Abilities and items that have both active and passive components are now correctly unusable when Silenced.
  • Actions that remove Silence (e.g. Drengar's Unstoppable, Escapist's Cloak and its upgrades, etc.) are no longer usable during Slag's Out With A Bang, while Atasha is in lotus form, or while waiting to resurrect with Vendetta.
  • Improved collision avoidance and pathfinding.

Community Improvements

  • The player punishment system (Vice) has been revamped to be less harsh on players who have issues like intermittent technical problems but more punishing for those who are consistently a negative influence on the community. A pattern of causing problems will quickly accelerate the severity of the punishment.
  • Players are now informed why they received negative reports.
  • Players who are streaming while under Vice will no longer receive Virtue points. We will be actively giving Vice to players who are not actually streaming anything meaningful thus preventing them from receiving free Virtue points for doing nothing.

Match Making

  • The match making algorithm has been rewritten to better match skill levels of both individuals and teams. Total skill level differences past a threshold will never match up against each other which will help prevent first time players from being roflstomped. Also, as total skill is better accounted for we have removed the team size match up restrictions.
  • Removed scrimmage match searches as too many players were confused by its purpose. Challenges, Try Hero and Custom modes can still be used while queuing. Challenges even store their state if you join a multiplayer match so you can pick up where you left off after the match.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get into a state where they are playing a game and still searching at the same time causing them to autojoin other games while in the middle of a different game.

Item Balance:

Leeching Vial

  • Flat Life Steal reduced to 8 from 10

Hungering Blade

  • Attack Power reduced to 20 from 25
  • Life Steal reduced to 7% from 10%

Orim's Bloodreaver

  • Attack Power reduced to 45 from 50
  • Life Steal reduced to 17% from 20%

Seal of Fortification

  • Shield strength increased to 500 from 400
  • Shield duration increased to 150 from 120
  • Shield strength during quest increased to 1000 from 800
  • Shield duration during quest increased to 210 from 150

Misc Item Balance

  • Detection Ward cost reduced to 150 from 170
  • Vision Ward cost reduced to 75 from 85
  • Portal Scroll cost increased to 200 from 120

User Interface


  • Non-quickcast ping now has ping wheel support again.
  • Fixed bug where alt-click pings would not show up on friendly towers and runes.
  • Fixed bug where at certain resolutions scrolling the map to the right or down with the mouse cursor was unresponsive.
  • Can no longer open QuickGlyphPurchasePanel in game modes that have Glyphs disabled.
  • Fixed bug where quest ability loaded as a cursor action wasn't being reset when quest ends.
  • Fixed bug where increase ability level and upgrade glyph panels were not being properly reset between games. so if you left a game with them open, they would still be open on next game.
  • Improved the "pick-up" cursor icon.

Sunken Forest

  • Ongoing map visuals improvements.
  • Added proper Horen shop beast (Hrondyr) vocals.


  • Some less important tutorial tips were disabled to reduce overwhelming new players.
  • Fixed issue of Steam Cloud forgetting about the state of tutorials. Should no longer have tutorials sometimes reset.


  • Various optimizations.
  • Improved lighting model.
  • Various spelling and grammar fixes.


  • Fix to match making causing some players to wait far too long to get into a match.
  • Fixed up a variety of Mad Jester Slag issues including his missing store art, inventory visibility, and the inability to test him in Try Hero mode.
  • Community Contributors are no longer sorted to the top of the chat member list and no longer have a special color. They still have a special tag.
  • Several optimizations.

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