Abomination Grugg
Item Information
Rarity: Mythical Skin
Cost: $7.99

Crafting Components:Edit

HeroSkinRecipe-Brute-Shackle-SmallIcon Recipe: Abomination Grugg (x 1)

Ingredient-BeggarsRags-SmallIcon Beggar's Rags (x 6)

Ingredient-AlchemicalDraught-SmallIcon Alchemical Draught (x 6)

Ingredient-CottonThread-SmallIcon Cotton Thread (x 6)

Ingredient-PhilosophersStone-SmallIcon Philosopher's Stone (x 3)

Ingredient-PrisonersChains-SmallIcon Prisoner's Chains (x 2)


Held prisoner by the Alchimians, Grugg has become as toxic as the poison running through his veins.

Unique Notes:Edit

His basic attacks, Pummel and Hamfisted have a more metallic clank sound due to his armored fists.

Grugg's Abomination skin has a slight chain rattle which you may occasionally hear when he falls down.

This skin's voice has a slight muffle effect.


Patch History:Edit

Added Hero Trait screenshot
Added muffled helmet voice effect for Hero-Brute-Shackle (Abomination Grugg).

See Also:Edit

HeroCloseupLarge-Brute-Default-Normal Grugg (Hero Overview)

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