The Advanced Casting option allows for players to conveniently switch among Normalcast, Quickcast, and Smartcast preferences for a variety of Glyphs, Active Items, and Hero Abilities.

How to Access Advanced Casting:

1. At the front end interface (or in match) press Escape and click on Options.

Options a

2. Click on Keybindings.


3. Click on Open Advanced Casting.

Open advanced casting

3. At the Advanced Casting screen, you can do a variety of things such as modifying Glyph casting behavior:

2015-04-24 00028

Or certain Active Items casting behavior:

2015-04-24 00029

Or even applicable Hero Abilities:

2015-04-24 00030

You can easily set all Hero abilities as a casting group or change each individually as you see fit.

Using Advanced Casting, you can play the way you want to play!

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