Adventurer's Bow
Item Information
Stats: + 10 Attack Power
+ 10% Critical Strike Chance
Cost: Bullets-coin1350 (255)
Refund: Bullets-coin945
Limit: 1

Passive 1:Edit

Your abilities and basic attacks deal additional damage to Quest units.

Damage (to Quest units): + 10%

Passive 2:Edit

Completing Quests grants a stacking bonus to Attack Power and Critical Strike Chance.

Attack Power (per stack): 12

Critical Strike Chance (per stack): + 3%

Max Stacks: 5


ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerSmall-Normal Short Sword Bullets-coin460

ItemIcon-BasicAttackCriticalChanceSmall-NormalClub Bullets-coin635


Victory favors the bold - or is that the bow?

Patch History:Edit

Attack Power reduced from 15 to 10
Attack Power per stack reduced to 12 from 15 (total Attack Power at max stacks increased to 70 from 60)
Max stacks increased to 5 from 3
Critical Strike Chance per stack reduced to 3% from 5% (total at max stacks unchanged)
Combine cost reduced to 255 from 540 (total cost reduced to 1350 from 1635)
No longer grants+ 15% Attack Speed
No longer has Passive 2:
Winning quests grants a stacking bonus to Attack Power and Attack Speed.
Attack Speed (per stack): + 5%
New Components:
ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerSmall-NormalShortsword (460 Gold)
ItemIcon-BasicAttackCriticalChanceSmall-NormalClub Bullets-coin635
No longer has Components:
ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerSmall-NormalShortsword (460 Gold)
ItemIcon-BasicAttackCooldownRateSmall-NormalDagger (500 Gold)

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