Adventurer's Helm
Item Information
Stats: + 200 Health
+ 2.0 Health/sec
+ 20 Armor
Cost: Bullets-coin.png1350 (255)
Refund: Bullets-coin.png945
Limit: 1

Passive 1:[edit | edit source]

Your abilities and basic attacks deal additional damage to Quest units. You take reduced damage from them as well.

Damage: + 10%

Damage Blocked: + 10%

Passive 2:[edit | edit source]

Completing Quests grants a stacking bonus to Health, Health Regeneration, and Armor.

Max Health (per stack): 50

Health/sec (per stack): 0.3

Armor (per stack): 5

Max Stacks: 5

Components:[edit | edit source]

Bracelet of Vigor Bracelet of Vigor Bullets-coin.png525

Mending Trinket Mending Trinket Bullets-coin.png230

Leather Armor Leather Armor Bullets-coin.png340

Lore:[edit | edit source]

A helm worn by many heroes over the centuries.

Patch History:[edit | edit source]

Armor reduced to 20 from 21
Armor per stack reduced to 5 from 8 (total Armor at max stacks unchanged)
Max stacks increased to 5 from 3
Health per stack reduced to 50 from 75 (total Health at max stacks increased to 450 from 425)
Health/sec per stack reduced from 0.4 to 0.3 (total Health/sec at max stacks increased to 3.5/sec from 3.2/sec)
Combine cost reduced to 255 from 550 (total cost reduced to 1350 from 1645)

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