Adventurer's Staff
Item Information
Stats: + 40 Special Power
+ 10 Magic Penetration
Cost: Bullets-coin1350 (465)
Refund: Bullets-coin945
Limit: 1

Passive 1:Edit

Your abilities and basic attacks deal additional damage to Quest units, and killing them restores a small amount of Mana.

Damage (to Quest units): + 10%

Mana Restored: 10

Passive 2:Edit

Completing Quests grants a stacking bonus to Special Power and Magic Penetration.

Special Power (per stack): 15

Magic Penetration (per stack): 3

Max Stacks: 5


ItemIcon-SoulFeast-Normal Nethershard Bullets-coin885


It can also serve as a club, when the adventure gets truly dangerous.

Patch History:Edit

Max stacks increased to 5 from 3
Special Power per stack reduced to 15 from 20 (total Special Power at Max Stacks increased to 115 from 100)
Magic Penetration per stack reduced from 5 to 3 (total Magic Penetration at Max Stacks unchanged)
Combine cost reduced to 465 from 700 (total cost reduced to 1350 from 1585)

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