Ancestral Plate
Item Information
Stats: + 40 Armor
+ 5% Cooldown Reduction
Cost: Bullets-coin1350 (670)
Refund: Bullets-coin945
Limit: 1


Prevents a small amount of damage from enemy hero basic attacks.

Damage Blocked: 5


Only one 'Attack Damage Block' item may be equipped at once.


ItemIcon-Stalwart-Normal Leather Armor Bullets-coin340

ItemIcon-Stalwart-Normal Leather Armor Bullets-coin340

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-ChillingBreastplate-Normal Chilling Chestplate Bullets-coin3800

ItemIcon-OnCriticalAttackHealAndStrongBlockDamage-Normal Vampiric Plate Bullets-coin3595

ItemIcon-StormShield-Normal Revenguard Bullets-coin3250

Nerrothshide Nerroth's Hide Bullets-coin2500


Many Imperials wear armor forged for their ancestors.

Patch History:Edit

Added a new Attack Damage Block ItemExclusivityType for use on items that reduce the amount of damage suffered from basic attacks.
Armor reduced to 40 from 45
Enemy hero attack damage blocked reduced to 5 from 10
Now builds into:
Nerrothshide Nerroth's Hide Bullets-coin2500

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