Anguish is an offensive glyph used as an additional damage source in Hero vs. Hero fights.


Deals Pure Damage over time that scales with your experience level to target enemy hero. They have reduced healing for the duration.


Level 2:Edit


Anguish - Increased DamageEdit

Increased Damage: Increases Anguish's rate of Pure Damage dealt.



Anguish - Heal ReductionEdit

Heal Reduction: Increases the degree of healing and regeneration reduction suffered by the target.

Level 3:Edit


Anguish - Splash DamageEdit

Splash Damage: Enemy heroes nearby the Anguished target suffer a fraction its Pure Damage taken.



Anguish - Amplify Other DamageEdit

Amplify Other Damage: Your basic attacks and special abilities deal increased damage to your Anguished target.


There are three main strategies for using Anguish, each of which can be supported by certain upgrades.

  • Primarily Anguish is used as an additional damage source to give players an edge in a fight that would otherwise be even. If this is how you'd like to use the ability, consider purchasing the Increased Damage and Amplify Other Damage upgrades if you are a 1v1 fighter, or the Splash Damage upgrade if you are looking for more damage in team fights.
  • Anguish can also be used as a Lifesteal, heal, and Spell Vamp nullifier. In the late game it can become extremely hard to kill Carries and Mages who heal each time they attack, have
    HeroCloseupLarge-Trickster-Default-Normal Vexie and HeroCloseupLarge-Seeker-Default-Normal Ermuk backing them up, or even a ItemIcon-WardReaper-Normal Beacon of Hope nearby. Purchase the Heal Reduction upgrade to temporarily neutralize their Health gain, and allow your own Carries and Mages to whittle them down.
  • Finally, Anguish is often used as a chasing tool. Even when Heroes are too far away to hit with a basic attack, you can apply Anguish and watch as their Health slowly ticks down. Splash Damage can even be used in a chasing context. If there is an enemy who is fleeing but out of your reach, you may be able to kill them by applying Anguish to one of their allies instead. 

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