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Default Atasha

The Queen of Flames

Atasha is queen of the desert nomads, merchants who sail the dune seas of the south. Once a young girl, she has been touched by the lingering aura of an ancient goddess, granting her power over flame.

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Resolute Sovereign

Atasha regains a percentage of her missing Mana each second.



Atasha deals Magic Damage to the targeted enemy and makes them Flammable for a short duration. Dealing further Magic Damage with Atasha's abilities will set the target ablaze, dealing increased Magic Damaged over time. This fire can spread to adjacent enemies, dealing Magic Damage over time to them as well.


Smoke Screen

Atasha creates a dense cloud of smoke within the target area. She is concealed while within the smoke, gaining stealth until she attacks or uses abilities. Enemies within the smoke take minor Magic Damage over time.


Dragon's Breath

Atasha exhales a narrow cone of flames, dealing Magic Damage to enemies within the area.


Meteor Storm

Atasha channels a spell to summon meteors from the sky, dealing Magic Damage to enemies within the target area. Casting the ability again cancels the effect.

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Dusk Queen Atasha

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Fireshroud Atasha

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