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Axe of Oblivion

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{{Item Infobox
[[File:ItemIcon-BattleGlory-Normal.jpg|thumb|Axe of Oblivion]]
|image = ItemIcon-BattleGlory-Normal.jpg
|stats = + 45 [[Attack Power]] <br>+ 30% [[Critical Strike Chance]] <br>+ 50% [[Critical Strike Damage|Critical Hit Damage]] <br>''Grants bonus critical strike damage.''
|cost = [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]4450 (690)
|refund value= [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]3115
|limit = 1
4450 Gold
[[File:ItemIcon-EyeForAnEye-Normal.jpg|73px|link=|Mace]][[Mace]] [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]1110
[[File:ItemIcon-AttackCriticalDamageAdditiveSmall-Normal.jpg|73px|link=|Axe of Ruin]][[Axe of Ruin]] [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]2015
+ 45 Attack Power
[[File:ItemIcon-BasicAttackCriticalChanceSmall-Normal.jpg|73px|link=|Club]][[Club]] [[File:Bullets-coin.png|link=]]635
+ 30% Critical Strike
+ 50% Critical Hit Damage
''An axe that whispers as it swings through the air.''
==[[Release Notes|Patch History]]:==
Only one 'Critical Hit Damage' item may be equipped at once.
{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"
! ([[43297/43303]])
| Items that grant bonus Critical Strike Damage are no longer exclusive, however Critical Strike Damage no longer stacks cumulatively with itself. In other words, a hero is only granted the largest value of Critical Strike Damage it gains from a single item. For example if a hero had both Tyrant's War Maul (+25% Critical Damage) and Axe of Oblivion (+50% Critical Damage), then their final Critical Damage would be +50% (not +75%).
{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"
Mace (1180 Gold)
! ([[42872/42883]])
| Lore changed from: ''An axe that whispers as it swings through the air, its words the last thing you will ever hear.'' to: ''An axe that whispers as it swings through the air.''
==See Also:==
Axe of Ruin (2015 Gold)
<gallery bordersize="none" captionalign="center" hideaddbutton="true">
Club (635 Gold)
Shop.jpg|[[Shop Items|Return to Shop Items Page]]|link=
[[Category:Attack Power]]
[[Category:Critical Strike]]
[[Category:Critical Hit Damage]]
[[Category:Shop Items]]
[[Category:Items with Limit]]
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