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Beacon of Hope
Item Information
Stats: + 325 Health
+ 300 Mana
+ 1.2 Health/sec
+ 0.4 Mana/sec
Cost: Bullets-coin.png2925 (730)
Refund: Bullets-coin.png2048
Limit: 1


Friendly units within range of the item bearer gain Health and Mana instantly and improved Health and Mana Regeneration for a short time.

Heal: 100

Total Heal: 200

Mana Restored: 50

Total Mana Restored: 100

Duration: 10

Cooldown: 90.0


Your vision range is not reduced at Night.

Unique Aura:

Grants Health Regeneration and Mana Regeneration to nearby friendly heroes and a lesser amount to friendly pets.

Health/sec: 2.0

Mana/sec: 1.4

Pet Health/sec: 1.0

Pet Mana/sec: 0.7

Radius: 7.0


Goblet of Renewal Goblet of Renewal Bullets-coin.png1295

Rejuvenating Ring Rejuvenating Ring Bullets-coin.png900


Magic can heal the body, hope can heal the soul.

Patch History:

Vision Range: 14.0 no longer listed under passive.

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