Blade Vane
Item Information
Rarity: Mythical Gear
Cost: 3 Gear Points
Usable by: HeroCloseupLarge-KnifeNinja-Default-Normal Ziri
Market: [1]


Ziri's Cut and Run has a narrower cone but the knives travel farther.

Angle of Effect: 60

Radius: 5.75

Material Required for Crafting:Edit

Good-HeroGearRecipe-KnifeNinja-FannedRetreat-LongerRangeNarrowerCone-Icon Recipe: Blade Vane (x 1)

Ingredient-SandshipSail-SmallIcon Sandship Sail (x 5)

Ingredient-SwirlingSand-SmallIcon Swirling Sand (x 4)

Good-Ingredient-ThrowingKnives-Icon Throwing Knives (x 3)


This fan boasts as many blades as the thief who wields it.

Patch History:Edit

Added Blade Vane

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