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Blink is a traversal glyph that can be used to close the distance when assaulting enemies, or to create distance and escape certain death.


Instantly teleports you to nearby targeted location.


Level 2:


Blink - Low Cooldown

Low Cooldown: Shortens Blink's Cooldown by a moderate amount.



Blink - Long Range

Long Range: Increases Blink's maximum range by a small amount.

Level 3:

Damage Hero: "Upon completing the teleport projectiles are fired at enemy heroes within a radius, dealing Magic Damage to them.


Resistance Bonus: Using Blink grants bonus Armor and Magic Resistance for a short time.


Blink can be used both offensively and defensively; most of the upgrades are equally flexible.

  • If you are feeling strong and are out for blood, the Low Cooldown and Long Range upgrades will help you chase fleeing enemies. The Damage Hero upgrade may end the chase before it even begins!
  • In other cases you may need to use Blink to secure your own escape. Defensively, the Low Cooldown and Long Range upgrades are still useful and you can take your pick, though you'll definitely want to lean towards the Resistance Bonus upgrade at the glyph's final level.
  • It's also worth noting that unless you manually click on the Blink icon, Blink Quickcasts by default. You will automatically teleport wherever your mouse is pointed; if the cursor is within the radius of the ability, you will teleport to its location exactly. This can get you killed if you aren't familiar with Quickcasting, so check out the explanation in the How to Play - Intermediate section linked above.
  • There are certain sections of the jungle where the walls are thin enough to Blink through, even without the Long Range upgrade. Experiment to find these areas, as they make an excellent escape path!
  • Finally, there are more subtle uses for Blink if you're patient. While Blinking you can avoid certain skillshots and area of effect abilities, passing through unharmed. You can also use Blink to initiate on the enemy team. Perhaps you are a Grugg player, and can't get close enough to land a "Ground Pound." If you have Blink, you can easily close the distance and Stun the enemy Carry. Just let your teammates know you're going to do so before your close your eyes and take the leap.

    Blink - Resistance Bonus