For the Bloodstone Crafting Material, see: Ingredient-Bloodstone-SmallIcon.png Bloodstone.

Bloodstone (Shop Item)
Item Information
Stats: + 200 Health
+ 8% Cooldown Reduction
Cost: Bullets-coin.png870 (345)
Refund: Bullets-coin.png609

Components:[edit | edit source]

Bracelet of Vigor Bracelet of Vigor Bullets-coin.png525

Builds Into:[edit | edit source]

Grove Keeper's Mantle Grove Keeper's Mantle Bullets-coin.png2690

Glacial Scepter Glacial Scepter Bullets-coin.png4620

Scrying Mirror Scrying Mirror Bullets-coin.png2340

Lore:[edit | edit source]

Those who serve the God-King bear his holy blood into battle.

See Also:[edit | edit source]

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