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Bronze/Rare Founder Bundle


Timeless Bundle


No longer for sale. (Formerly $25.)


Before Sins of a Dark Age went to Steam, Founder Bundles were tiered. They came with things such as heroes (heroes were purchasable,) crowns and iron (obsolete currency systems,) and a Founder Skin (the skin received depended on Founder tier chosen.)

These pre-Steam tiered bundles are now obsolete and are no longer for sale.

Equivalent Steam Contents:

When Sins of a Dark Age entered its Founder Access Stage of Closed Beta in December, 2013, the old pre-Steam Bronze/Rare Founder tier rewards were converted into the following:

HeroSkin-Knight-Gothic-SmallIcon.png Dragon Scale Vallamere (x 1)

HeroSkin-FireQueen-Founder-SmallIcon.png Founder Atasha (x 1)

ChestKey-0-SmallIcon.png Vanguard Chest Key (x 2)

Chest-0-0-SmallIcon.png Rugged Vanguard Chest (x 1)

Chest-EarlyAccess-SmallIcon.png Early Access Chest (x 1)

ChestKey-EarlyAccess-SmallIcon.png Early Access Chest Key (x 1)


If you were a pre-Steam Bronze/Rare Tier Founder who did not receive the equivalent Steam rewards for your Founder tier when Early Access hit, send an email to with your original account information, email, and Founder tier level.

Pre-Steam Contents:

Former IGP Era Bronze/Rare Founder Tier Rewards (No Longer Available)
Access to Closed Beta
1,500 Crowns
Exclusive Rare Badge
3 Heroes
1 Exclusive Hero Skin
1 Exclusive Player Icon

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