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Brush and Moonbloom Locations

Brush and Moonbloom are environmental features in Sins of a Dark Age that have multiple uses.

For the Moonbloom crafting material, see: Ingredient-Moonbloom-SmallIcon Moonbloom.


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Brush is blue-green in color and is present throughout the whole match.

There are 44 patches of Brush in total (22 top and 22 bottom.)


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Moonbloom is purple in color and is only present at Night.

There are 16 patches of Moonbloom in total (8 top and 8 bottom.)

Moonbloom disappears during the day. In its place are leafless and dead branches.

Hiding and Ambushing:Edit

If a player is in Brush/Moonbloom, he or she can see out of it, but are undetectable by the enemy unless they enter the Brush/Moonbloom as well. You can determine if you are hidden in Brush/Moonbloom if there is a blue outline around you. Brush/Moonbloom is great for setting up traps and ambushes against solo enemy heroes wandering the jungle.

Here Lithoron can see Ermuk,

2014-04-13 00003

but Ermuk can't see Lithoron.

2014-04-13 00001

However, if Ermuk enters the Brush/Moonbloom, both heroes can see each other:

2014-04-13 00004


Be aware that enemy wards can give away your position if they are placed in Brush/Moonbloom. If there is no blue outline present, an enemy ward probably detects you.

Notice that there is no blue outline around Lithoron here:

2014-04-13 00005

That is because there is a Vision Ward here:

2014-04-13 00003a

Detection Wards also reveal enemy heroes in Brush/Moonbloom:

2014-04-13 00006

2014-04-13 00004a

Hero Specific Uses:Edit

Certain heroes take advantage of Brush/Moonbloom with their abilities:


Atasha can use Smoke Screen near a patch of Brush/Moonbloom to extend her concealment range and confuse pursuers:

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Ermuk's Refuge in Nature provides increased Cooldown Reduction and Mana Regen while in Brush/Moonbloom:

2014-04-13 00002

A well placed Razor Vine Trap:

2014-04-13 00016

2014-04-13 00017

Ermuk's Forest Guide allows Ermuk to see through Brush/Moonbloom

2014-04-13 00012


Skalla can hide her Crippling Traps in Brush/Moonbloom:

2014-04-13 00014

2014-04-13 00015


Slivus's Snake In The Grass grants him bonus Attack Speed and Movement Speed

2014-04-13 00010


Xeros's Spell Sense can find nearby enemies who use abilities when he is in Brush/Moonbloom

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2014-04-13 00021


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