Bulwark is a defensive glyph that grants a temporary damage absorbing shield.


Grants a damage absorbing shield that scales with your experience level for a short duration.


Level 2:Edit


Bulwark - Low CooldownEdit

Low Cooldown: Shortens Bulwark's cooldown by a moderate amount.



Bulwark - Increased StrengthEdit

Increased Strength: Increases both the base and per level amounts of shield by a slight amount.

Level 3:Edit


Bulwark - Team ShieldEdit

Team Shield: Grants allied heroes a weaker version of Bulwark's shield, if they are in range.



Bulwark - Remove Crowd ControlEdit

Remove Crowd Control: Removes any Stun, Slow, Root, and Silence effects.


Bulwark's upgrade paths generally support two styles of play: the benevolent hero who is there for his friends when they need him...and the deadly brawler with a trick up his sleeve.

  • If you'd prefer to be benevolent, the Increased Strength and Team Shield upgrades are especially for you. Increased Strength improves not just your shield but the shield you provide your allies as well. Properly deployed, it can grant your team the equivalent of 1,232 extra Health—half a Hero to soak up damage. 
  • If you'd prefer to use your shield in a more combative manner, the Low Cooldown and Remove Crowd Control upgrades will be your best friend, a "get out of crowd control free" card that you can deploy every few minutes. Note that this is usually a better option for Bruisers and Assassins than Carries, as Carries usually focus on damage to carry them through a fight.
  • These are just two sample builds. Feel free to experiment and find the combinations that work best for you.

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