A variety of bundles can be found in Sins of a Dark Age

Possible Contents of Chest-0-1-SmallIcon Hardened Vanguard ChestEdit

Bundle-Starter-SmallIcon Khari Materials

Bundle-Starter-SmallIcon Jungle Materials

Bundle-R2Ingredients-2-SmallIcon Cutthroat Materials

Bundle-R2Ingredients-2-SmallIcon Twilight Materials

Possible Contents of Chest-0-0-SmallIcon Rugged Vanguard ChestEdit

Bundle-Starter-SmallIcon Trophy Materials

Bundle-Starter-SmallIcon Monstrous Materials

Bundle-R2Ingredients-2-SmallIcon Soulbound Materials

Bundle-R2Ingredients-2-SmallIconNoble Materials

Possible Contents of Chest-0-2-SmallIcon Sturdy Vanguard ChestEdit

Bundle-Starter-SmallIcon Alchemist Materials

Bundle-Starter-SmallIcon Ghastly Materials

Bundle-R2Ingredients-2-SmallIcon Barrow Materials

Bundle-R2Ingredients-2-SmallIcon Dungeon Materials

Purchased Via In-Game ShopEdit

Bundle-Founder-SmallIcon Founder Skin Bundle (Early Access Exclusive)

Free to Every PlayerEdit

Bundle-Starter-SmallIcon Duel Tutorial Bundle

Bundle-Starter-SmallIcon Siege Tutorial Bundle

Obsolete/Retired BundlesEdit

Former Founder BundlesEdit

Bundle-Founder-0-SmallIcon Bronze Founder Bundle (No longer available.)

Bundle-Founder-1-SmallIcon Silver Founder Bundle (No longer available.)

Bundle-Founder-2-SmallIcon Gold Founder Bundle (No longer available.)

Early Access Bundle Variations (One of Three)Edit

Bundle-EarlyAccessSubBundle-0-SmallIcon Berserk Bundle (No longer available)

Bundle-EarlyAccessSubBundle-1-SmallIcon Merciless Bundle (No longer available)

Bundle-EarlyAccessSubBundle-2-SmallIcon Resolute Bundle (No longer available)

Apprentice Gear BundleEdit

Bundle-Starter-SmallIcon Apprentice Gear Bundle (Obsolete)

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