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Chilling Chestplate
Item Information
Stats: + 100 Armor
+ 4.0 Health/sec
+ 10% Cooldown Reduction
Cost: Bullets-coin.png3800 (950)
Refund: Bullets-coin.png2660
Limit: 1


Prevents a small amount of damage from enemy hero basic attacks.

Damage Blocked: 20

Unique Aura:

Reduces the Attack Speed of nearby enemies.

Enemy Attack Speed: -25%

Radius: 7.0


Only one 'Attack Damage Block' item may be equipped at once.


Slime Shield Slime Shield Bullets-coin.png1500

Ancestral Plate Ancestral Plate Bullets-coin.png1350


Armor imbued with the frigid power of the north.

Patch History:

Recipe cost reduced to 950 from 1000 (total cost reduced to 3800 from 4220)
No longer has a random chance to cause attackers to be Slowed or reduce their Attack Speed
(When enemies strike you with basic attacks, there is a chance you will slow their Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

Chance on Hit: 20% Enemy Attack Speed: -67% Slow: + 35% Duration: 3)

Damage Block reduced to 20 from 30
Added AttackDamageBlock ItemExclusivityType.

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