Cripple is a debilitating crowd control glyph that can Slow fleeing enemies or weaken any who stay behind to fight.


Greatly slows and reduces damage dealt by target enemy hero for a short duration.


Level 2:Edit


Cripple - Strong SlowEdit

Strong Slow: Further increases the slow effect on the targeted hero.



Cripple - Strong Damage ReductionEdit

Strong Damage Reduction: Further reduces the damage dealt by the targeted hero.

Level 3:Edit


Cripple - Defense ReductionEdit

Defense Reduction: The targeted hero suffers additional reductions to Armor and Magic Resistance.



Cripple - Friendly SpeedEdit

Friendly Speed: Your allies near the targeted enemy when Cripple is cast gain Movement Speed for a short duration.


Like many other glyphs Cripple has multiple uses that are each supported by different upgrades.

  • The first use is chasing fleeing enemies. Whether it's a gank or just run-of-the-mill cowardice on the part of your foes, Cripple's Slow can prove invaluable, granting your team an extra one or two hits. With the Strong Slow upgrade, enemies have even more trouble escaping. Add in the Friendly Speed upgrade and, well, it's not even fair.
  • Cripple can also be used to depower fed or snowballing characters, reducing both Attack Damage and Ability Damage. Deployed on the right enemy and at the right time during a team fight, Cripple can effectively halve (or more) the enemy Hero's damage while also weakening them to allied attacks. If this is your goal, Strong Damage Reduction and Defense Reduction upgrades are a must.
  • Note that Slowing your enemies and increasing your own Movement Speed are two sides of the same coin. If you are a damage-dealing character, it may prove more advantageous to take the ItemIcon-Glyph-Haste-Normal Haste glyph.

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